D-Link issues firmware updates to address router vulnerabilities

A researcher notified D-Link of vulnerabilities in one router, and D-Link then expanded the investigation to a number of other devices.

Angler EK hijacks domain registrant credentials to create malicious pages

The Angler Exploit kit has adopted a new technique for dropping its malware.

New SSL/TLS vulnerability, FREAK, puts secure communications at risk

The FREAK vulnerability can be exploited by attackers to obtain private information, including usernames and passwords.

ACLU and EFF, among others, voice dissatisfaction with CISA bill

Various civil society organizations and security experts penned a letter to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence over their dissatisfaction with the recently drafted Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (CISA).


In growing market for genetic data, privacy implications prove lasting

Experts consider the lasting impact of data brokers, and potential breaches, on genetic information.

Product Reviews

Rapid7 Nexpose Ultimate Appliance

Rapid7 Nexpose Ultimate is a comprehensive vulnerability scanner that is determined to convince you of its findings.

Secunia Corporate Software Inspector CSI

Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) inspects software on any Windows or Android device with an agent.

Skybox View Enterprise Suite

The Skybox Enterprise Suite is an enterprise vulnerability assessment tool that is deployed to aid in vulnerability and threat management, as well as security policy management.

Tenable Network Security Nessus

Tenable Network Security Nessus is one of the most comprehensive and widely deployed vulnerability assessment tools.


Three reasons native mobile apps need extra security love

Three reasons native mobile apps need extra security love

Aside from the many benefits native apps provide, enterprises face challenges they need to deal with to make sure they aren't exposed to the new security risks native apps introduce.

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