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'Wizz' kids: Talos researchers pinpoint French firm as source of spyware-adware threat

A supposedly legitimate French software firm, Tuto4PC, has actually infected an estimated 12 million PC users with a generic Trojan disguised as downloadable utilities programs, according to an analysis from Cisco's Talos research division.


Ransomware rampant, but chinks found in its armor

To say that a day does not pass without a ransomware attack being perpetrated upon an organization somewhere the United States is no hyperbolic statement, but there is a glimmer of hope as several defective ransomware variants have been found.


Mining company's data is more valuable than gold

Hackers reportedly posted employee data and private documents belonging to a publicly listed gold-mining company on a paste site.


PCI DSS version 3.2 release extends multifactor authentication requirement

The PCI Data Security Standard version 3.2 released Thursday not only includes new requirements to safeguard payment data, including multifactor authentication.


RSA EMEA Summit: Writing a security strategy that will make Vivaldi proud

Richard Nichols, RSA's head of EMEA strategy compared playing the violin to conducting an effective security strategy, to encourage businesses to harmonise security strategy and promote greater visibility of threats on the business.

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LuckyPet data breach compromises online payment info

Seattle-based pet store LuckyPet notified the California State Attorney General's office of a data breach that compromised online customer information.

18,000 possibly affected by Archdiocese of Denver data breach

Incidents of fraud were reported after an unauthorized person accessed an Archdiocese of Denver database maintained by a third-party and which contained PII on 18,000 former and current employees and their dependents.

Phishing attack compromises Olympia School District employee data

An attacker used a phishing attack to obtain personal identifiable information (PII) on thousands of employees of the Olympia School District.

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New site on dark web offering one-stop ransom services

New site on dark web offering one-stop ransom services

A new site was discovered on the dark web that allows hackers to upload stolen data and sell the data to criminals or criminal groups.

The Threat Hunter Blog

Next up. A look at Locky Ransomware

Next up. A look at Locky Ransomware

We've been examining some of the newer - or, at least, most currently prevalent - strains of ransomware. This time we look at Locky.

SC April 2016 Product Reviews

Bayometric Touch N Go

There is nothing like this that we've seen. It's a neat idea, well conceived and executed and, if you are thinking about adding biometrics to your app, this might just be the thing to make your decision for you.

Datablink Device 200 and Mobile 200

A unique and user-friendly approach to strong authentication. This fits well in a banking environment and with other Datablink products can provide more universal authentication to such things as networks.

PistolStar PortalGuard

If you are looking for a front-end authentication portal that works well in a distributed environment, this one demands your consideration.

April issue now available!


Opinions Me and my job: Karthik Rangarajan security engineer, Addepar

Me and my job: Karthik Rangarajan security engineer, Addepar

Me and my job: Karthik Rangarajan security engineer, Addepar

Opinions Apple vs. FBI: Too much to ask

Apple vs. FBI: Too much to ask

If Apple complies, the FBI would have the ability to compromise personal security when it wishes, says Ryan O'Leary, VP of Threat Research Center, WhiteHat Security. .

Opinions Apple vs. FBI: Comply!

Apple vs. FBI: Comply!

In cases where terrorist attacks are carried out state-side, it is vital that intelligence be obtained, says J.J. Thompson, CEO, Rook Security.


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