Potential breach brews at Costa Coffee Club

Costa Coffee has warned its loyalty club members of a potential breach and will reset all passwords as well as use a new format for passwords.

Former GCHQ director tapped for Standard Chartered's risk committee

Former GCHQ director Sir Iain Lobban will be joining London-based Standard Chartered bank to prevent cybercrime.

Stored XSS bug in WordPress, researchers advise to disable comments

A stored cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability impacting current WordPress versions has been identified by a researcher with Finnish IT company Klikki Oy.

RSA 2015 survey: 48 percent believe NSA surveillance has increased

Nearly 94 percent of respondents believed that NSA's surveillance had increased or remained the same since Snowden began leaking classified information in June 2013.

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Angler Exploit Kit pushed in xHamster malvertising campaign

The malicious advertisement was spotted on Friday and taken down by the end of Saturday, according to Malwarebytes Labs.

SC Awards 2015 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of this year's SC Awards. Winners received acknowledgement and placques at the annual SC Awards gala held in San Francisco on Tuesday. For the winners and finalists of the SC Awards 2015, take a look at our Book of the Night.

Product Reviews

RSA Authentication Manager

The RSA Authentication Manager is a dual-factor authentication system designed from the ground up for enterprise deployment.

SecureAuth IdP

SecureAuth IdP is an identity provider – with a unique approach to securing user access control.

Swivel Secure Swivel Appliance

The Swivel Appliance is a competitive solution for two-factor authentication methods for clients searching for a secure product.


Why cybersecurity is vital during the vendor selection process

Why cybersecurity is vital during the vendor selection process

You likely have a list of criteria to check through during the hiring process of a vendor, but if you haven't added cybersecurity standards to that list, you should.

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