Dutch DPA fine over privacy violations could cost Google $18.6M

The DPA warned Google that by gathering personal information on internet users to personalize ads, it has violated a Dutch privacy act.

Experts discover TorLocker variant targeting Japanese speakers

The newly discovered malware is the first ransomware variant to go after Japanese speakers, demanding ransom fees that range from $500 to $3600.

Researchers warn of new OphionLocker ransomware

OphionLocker doesn't diverge much from previous ransomware schemes, although it does generate a unique hardware ID based on the first hard drive's serial number, the motherboard's serial number and other information.

Microsoft appeal over customer email warrant draws support

Microsoft's early December appeal of the government's efforts to get customer email stored on a server in Ireland has garnered support of rivals and privacy groups.

Focus: Vulnerabilities

Impact of Linux bug 'grinch' spans servers, workstations, Android devices and more

Alert Logic discovered the bug, which is susceptible to exploitation due to the default installation process used by Linux.

Industry Innovators

Virtualization and cloud security

The year's Innovators in this group focus on security management in a cloud or virtual environment.

Data protection

Data protection is a fuzzy, sometimes nebulous term. Certainly everything we do on the network is intended to protect the data on it. In an era of widely dispersed global enterprise the data often seems to be alone on the internet.

Security infrastructure

Security infrastructure is another one of those ever-changing categories. What looked like infrastructure a few years ago is, for the most part, long gone.

Analysis and testing

This is a group that has a very wide reach. We found that there is a lot of "business as usual" in this group and not a lot of really eye-popping innovation.

Access Control

Access control is a fairly broad category that includes identification, authentication and authorization.


Why compliance matters

Why compliance matters

Part of my role requires me to ask questions that an auditor might. This is especially true when it comes to compliance, why it matters, and how it makes a difference.

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