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There's no such thing as having "enough protection" when it comes to malware threats. Next to insider threats, malware may well be the greatest security challenge that organizations face. There are components for malware protection in various security solutions that range from purpose-built desktop offerings to endpoint security products. All of the products and services found in this section help in defending against email, web, and application threats, such as viruses, worms, spam, spyware, adware, phishing, keyloggers, trojans, and more.

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Intrusion deception: Making a case for middle ground in malware mitigation

As the Target and Neiman Marcus data breach stories continue to evolve, so too does the story of how to combat malware.

AV is getting crazy complicated! But is it actually helping you?

As the threat landscape continues to advance, attackers have become better at developing tools and attacks that get around the signatures anti-virus (AV) rely on. But is sandboxing AV's silver bullet?

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