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CIPAV: Spy(ware) versus Spy(ware)

Good viruses and trojans? Legal malware? Does (or should) AV detect the FBI's spyware?

Security Essentials ready


The final version of Microsoft Security Essentials is now available for download. According to the company, the software provides real-time protection for PCs against viruses, spyware and other malicious software. The free consumer solution is backed by research from the Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC), enabling it to quickly respond to new threats and placing it in competition alongside offerings from Symantec and McAfee in the anti-virus market. — CAM

It's official: Microsoft to offer free anti-malware service

It's official: Microsoft to offer free anti-malware service


Next week, Microsoft will make available to consumers a new, free anti-malware service to replace its subscription model.

Google responds to call for more security


In reaction to a letter from 37 respected names in the computer security field, Google is considering tighter security of its web applications.

Sears, FTC settle spyware accusations


Sears has settled FTC charges that it wrongly collected personal data on consumers.

Twitter hit with rogue anti-virus scams


Users of popular blogging platform Twitter fell victim this past week to a scareware scam.

Netbook comes with factory-sealed malware


In a rare occurrence, a brand-new factory-sealed netbook has been found to contain malware, according to researchers at Kaspersky Lab.

"Chain of Trust" initiative launched to fight malware


A group of cybersecurity advocacy organizations have teamed up to fight malware on the web.

Computer bot profusion swells dramatically


In the past three months, twelve million new computers have joined botnets worldwide.

Accused adware purveyor Zango shuttered by bank foreclosure


A principal player in the spreading of adware -- software that silently loads advertising onto web users' computers -- has been forced to close down after a decade in business.

Rogue product ads on F-Secure, McAfee, Trend Micro searches


Google searches for a number of security products and vendors -- including F-Secure, Norton, McAfee and Trend Micro -- have yielded advertisements with links to rogue products.

Waledac kicks off new spam campaign


A new campaign to lure users into downloading malware is running on the Waledac botnet, according to security researchers.

Spyware rise caused by new Virtumundo infections


A pesky adware trojan is continuing to leave its mark on susceptible users.

IE 8 coming today


The official release of Internet Explorer 8 is scheduled to be available at noon EST on Thursday. The new browser "offers leading-edge security features," including a cross-site scripting filter, clickjacking prevention, and per-site ActiveX, which enables users and administrators to manage where an ActiveX Control can run, Microsoft said. The download, in 25 languages, is at — CAM

Microsoft's IE8 released for final testing


The Monday announcement of Internet Explorer (IE) Release Candidate 1 (RC1) will be the last public update of IE8 before the final product is released. RC1 is available for public download in 25 languages, and is billed as Microsoft's most secure browser ever.

Apple drops support document encouraging anti-virus adoption


Calling it "old and innaccurate," Apple has pulled a release note that recommended Mac users install anti-virus software.

Apple advises Mac users to install anti-virus software


For possibly the first time ever, Apple is recommending Mac OS X users deploy anti-virus solutions -- but it remains unclear exactly why.

Amero will not face new trial in teacher porn case


The former Connecticut substitute teacher who was accused of exposing middle-school students to internet pornography has avoided prison time and a new trial.

Keylogger spyware ordered off the market


In a victory for privacy advocates, an Orlando, Fla.-based company has been ordered not to sell keylogger spyware.

Source of rogue malware tracked down


The trail of bogus anti-virus software and the money it brings in leads to a software company in Russia, according to security researchers.

Spammer campaign exploits email read receipts

A new wave of malicious spam relies on requests for delivery confirmations for unsolicited emails.

Protection program defeats keyloggers


A technology has been developed that claims to protect against software that steals keyboard ID entry.

BusinessWeek website compromised


The BusinessWeek magazine website has been infected with code that could redirect visitors to malicious servers.

Trojans dominate top ten virus threats

Last month, users were more likely to be struck by trojans than any other kind of virus.

Botnet spread skyrockets in summer


The number of computers infected with botnets has quadrupled during the last three months.

Phishing awareness up, anti-spyware unused

People more often are deleting or taking no action on phishing emails, but one in three people have no anti-spyware software, new research shows.

Spammers bypass filters with SWF file redirects


Spammers are stepping up their use of Shockwave Flash file redirects to avoid detection.

Countering cloud computing threats

Technology such as two-factor authentication systems, when married to encrypted VPN connections, can secure an internet connection into a cloud computing-based service.

Majority of malware attacks go undetected


Most malicious internet attacks go undetected by anti-virus software.

Corporations prepare for start of Olympics


The Olympics are here - and that means potential headaches for security administrators.


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