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Apple denies storing information on Chinese customers


Apple responded to a Chinese television broadcasters allegations that the company is storing users information through its location tracking services.

Apple changes app permissions in iOS 6

Users of Apple's new mobile operating system, set for final release in the fall, will now be able to grant or deny apps from accessing personal data.

News briefs: The latest news from Apple, Verizon and more

News briefs: The latest news from Apple, Verizon, CrowdStrike, FTC and more

WordPress sites served as launching pad for Flashback


Researchers have discovered a correlation between infected WordPress sites and the propagation of the prolific Mac Flashback trojan.

Phishers aiming for Apple IDs, passwords


Spam that seemingly emanates from Apple is making the rounds with the aim of tricking users into handing over their IDs and passwords, researchers at anti-virus firm Trend Micro said in a blog post Monday.

New Mac malware variant disables OS X defenses


Malware writers aren't waiting long between releasing new variants for a Mac trojan known as Flashback. The latest is designed to disable built-in anti-virus on target machines.

What iCloud means to enterprise IT

What iCloud means to enterprise IT

When Steve Jobs announced iCloud at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, many in enterprise IT dismissed the broader relevance of consumer cloud services, but they do so at their peril.


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