Entry Info

Entry Info

The SC Awards 2018 is open to all information security vendors, service providers and professionals. Vendors and service providers that offer a product and/or service for commercial, government, educational, nonprofit or other industries can enter the Trust and Excellence categories, which relate to products, services and/or information security companies. Entrants should be executing work in North America. 

Information security professionals from end-user companies - not vendors or service providers can enter into the Professional Awards categories, which honor teams and individual CSOs/CISOs working in North America. Again, this means NO vendors or service providers that sell IT security-related products or services to private and public organizations qualify for these categories and SHOULD NOT ENTER. If vendors or service providers do enter they will be disqualified after editorial review of entrants in these categories and will receive no refund of related entry fees. It is acceptable and, indeed, encouraged for vendors and service providers to nominate their thought-leading customers. After all, the Professional categories have been created to honor the accomplishments of their end-user customers. Other Professional categories relate to both professional certification providers and those professional advancement companies that offer training on various information security issues to end-user companies. These, too, should be based in North America. 

For category details please click here to download the entry kit.

Entry Requirements

1. Each category requires that you answer a set of questions in order to qualify your nomination. Please see each category for the full list of qualifying questions. Answer these completely. 

2. Be sure that your product or service is a fit for the categories in which you are nominating, as SC media reserves the right to eliminate a product or service from consideration if our editorial team and/or jurors find that the offering is inappropriate for that category.  

3. If you are entering multiple categories, you should offer unique answers for each. That is, avoid copying and pasting the same answers for each category you enter as this may yield a negative response from our judging panels.  

4. Every entry must be accompanied by an image. The image should be a visual representation of the entry. If you are a finalist, SC Media will use this image both digitally and in print to support your entry. Logos alone are not acceptable images. The image should be at least 300dpi, jpeg/eps format and at least 16.5 x 23.4 inches in size. 

5. All entries must be submitted and paid for online by either Visa, MasterCard or American Express.  

6. Once you have prepared your entries submit online by clicking here.

Key Info

Deadline for entries: October 25, 2017. Entries submitted after October 25, 2017 will incur a late fee. No exceptions.

Late entries: Late entries will be received until November 1, 2017 however, all entries received after October 25 will incur a penalty of $170 per entry.
Entry fees:
Trust Awards and Excellence Awards categories: $365 per entry.
Professional Awards categories: $265 per entry.
There is no fee to enter 'Best Cybersecurity Higher Education Program' and 'Cybersecurity Student of the Year'.

Finalists announcement: Finalists will be announced online at https://www.scmagazine.com/awards/ in January 2018. 

Winners announcement: Winners will be announced at the SC Awards 2018 Gala Dinner to be held on April 17, 2018 in San Francisco. Please contact Anna Naumoski at 646-638-6015 or anna.naumoski@haymarketmedia.com for further details.

Entry questions: Please contact Lauren Hawker at 646-638-6186 or lauren.hawker@haymarketmedia.com

Sponsorship questions: Please contact David Steifman at 646-638-6008 or David.Steifman@haymarketmedia.com