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Google may pay $22.5 million for bypassing Safari settings


If approved, the FTC will levy its stiffest penalty yet against the search giant after repeated privacy infractions.

Internet privacy tools too confusing for most users


Most individuals don't understand how to configure advertising "opt-out" tools, according to a new study, which means the debate over how best to give users control over their privacy rages on.

SC Congress Canada: RSA security architect discusses SecurID breach


The security architect of RSA offered a candid account of the SecurID breach during a session Wednesday at SC Congress Canada in Toronto.

Internet Explorer 9 to include privacy opt-in feature


The forthcoming Internet Explorer (IE) 9 will contain a new "opt-in" control that will prevent users from being unknowingly tracked by websites, Microsoft revealed Wednesday.

Don't-track-me browser feature part of FTC privacy plan


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is urging companies to develop a "do not track" mechanism so consumers can choose whether to allow the collection of data regarding online searching and browsing activities.

Sophos partners with

Sophos, maker of anti-malware solutions, has partnered with, a utility for shortening, sharing and tracking links, to provide visibility into infected websites through its behavior detection capabilities, search engine partnerships and anti-spam honeypots.


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