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Phishing emails targeting BlackBerry, iPhone users


Fraudsters are capitalizing on the trusted names of two major smartphone providers to spread malware.

Has india cracked BlackBerry's code?


India's government claims it has found a way to monitor email sent via BlackBerry, something even manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) claims it can't do.

Best practices to secure the mobile enterprise

The threats associated with mobile devices can come in many forms, so there are a number of best practices one can put in place to thwart potentially disastrous consequences.

Google program manager: No virus problem for mobile


Google's open source programs manager launched a written tirade against mobile anti-virus companies, which he called "charlatans" and "scammers."

Social media and political certainties

Blanket censorship of social media in the UK might be unlikely, but targeted blocking based on legal interception isn't out of the question.

RIM awaits privacy ruling in India


The three-year struggle between BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) and India over what can remain private continues to be played out in public.

RIM faces challenges over government decryption plans

Canadian vendor Research in Motion was reportedly racing to placate Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as the governments threatened to cut off services.


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