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1,206 Solano Community College employees victimized in W-2 data breach

Solano Community College in Fairfield, Calif. was hit with a spearphishing attack led to the W-2 information for about 1,200 staffers being compromised.

LuckyPet data breach compromises online payment info

Seattle-based pet store LuckyPet notified the California State Attorney General's office of a data breach that compromised online customer information.

18,000 possibly affected by Archdiocese of Denver data breach

Incidents of fraud were reported after an unauthorized person accessed an Archdiocese of Denver database maintained by a third-party and which contained PII on 18,000 former and current employees and their dependents.

Phishing attack compromises Olympia School District employee data

An attacker used a phishing attack to obtain personal identifiable information (PII) on thousands of employees of the Olympia School District.

Stanford University employees victim of tax fraud after breach at third-party vendor

The W-2 forms of some Stanford University employees were fraudulently downloaded from the university's third-party vendor, W-2Express, operated by the credit bureau Equifax.

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The Threat Hunter Blog Next up. A look at Locky Ransomware

Next up. A look at Locky Ransomware

We've been examining some of the newer - or, at least, most currently prevalent - strains of ransomware. This time we look at Locky.

The Threat Hunter Blog On to TeslaCrypt

On to TeslaCrypt

As I pointed out last time I had the benefit of working with two malware samples, one from our friends at PhishMe and one from the quarantine at Logix Federal Credit Union. We'll start with the one from Logix.

The Threat Hunter Blog Ransomware - Part 2

Ransomware - Part 2

Welcome back to ransomware. This time we are focusing on TeslaCrypt 3.0 with the .mp3 extension. Files encrypted - for example .docx files - will show as document.docx.mp3.

The Threat Hunter Blog Decoding Ransomware- Part 1

Decoding Ransomware- Part 1

You'll pardon, perhaps, my absence over the past week. As it happens, I have been involved with some very interesting ransomware (no, not on any of my computers) and it occurred to me that this might make a great topic.

The Threat Hunter Blog Fast Flux Bot Nets and Fluxer - Part 2

Fast Flux Bot Nets and Fluxer - Part 2

This time we are going to take what we discussed in my last posting and apply it to the Fluxer fast flux botnet.

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