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324K Regpack users' info compromised when decrypted files placed on public-facing server

Independent Security Researcher Troy Hunt spotted a database containing the information of nearly 324,000 Regpack accounts.

University of Alaska breach may have exposed student info

On Tuesday, officials announced an attacker using employee credentials may have accessed University of Alaska student information.

87K affected in SCAN Health Plan breach

SCAN Health Plan is notifying users that remote attackers were able to gain access to the contact sheets system and accessed the personal information of past and current members and some non-plan members.

Sacramento County data exposed for nearly a year

Sacramento County has notified citizens that their data may have been exposed for nearly a year.

Data breach hits Whitehead Nursing Home in Northern Ireland

A laptop taken home by an employee of the Whitehead Nursing Home was stolen.

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The Threat Hunter Blog Dridex Re-Mastered

Dridex Re-Mastered

Well, it's been quite an eventful time since last I posted. I have so much in the works that it is hard to tell where to begin. It seems that we are seeing new flavors of ransomware every week and botnets seem to come and go with a frequency we've not seen in a while. This week, though, I promised Dridex, so Dridex it is.

The Threat Hunter Blog Locky and Dridex - New Wine in Old Bottles

Locky and Dridex - New Wine in Old Bottles

The computer media has been screaming it for the past few days: Locky is back! Dridex is back! Of course they are... these are two of the most prolific - and prosperous - malwares around at the moment.

The Threat Hunter Blog Reports of the deaths of Angler EK and Necurs Botnet may be premature

Reports of the deaths of Angler EK and Necurs Botnet may be premature

There have been quite a few reports by researchers over the past week or so that the Necurs botnet and the Angler exploit kit are dead and buried. But don't hold your breath and don't get rid of your Angler signatures just yet.

The Threat Hunter Blog Constructive Disclosure

Constructive Disclosure

This is going to be a bit different from my usual blog postings but I think the time is good for this discussion for several reasons. First, the notion of constructive and responsible disclosure of bugs is a clear issue for threat hunters.

The Threat Hunter Blog Petya and Mischa - the Ransomware Twins (sort of)

Petya and Mischa - the Ransomware Twins (sort of)

These two malwares have been much in the news over the past week or so.

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