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Is the nation ready to protect critical infrastructure?

Is the nation ready to protect critical infrastructure?

Whether it is defending against cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, or malicious hackers, it seems clear that securing our countries critical infrastructure must be a nationwide priority.

Black Hat: CIA head of counter-terror during 9/11 speaks of new threat


Former CIA counter-terror official Cofer Black negotiated a pulled fire alarm to warn conference attendees of the risk posted by cyber.

Paper highlights dangers of "inflating" cyberthreats


If the policy discussion around digital risks continues on its current course, the U.S. government may make some unwise decisions, according to a new academic research paper.

Audit doubts FBI's ability to combat cyberthreats


The FBI must bolster its information sharing and cybersecurity expertise to effectively investigate and combat the most serious cyber intrusions, according to a new audit.

RSA Conference 2011: Terrorist organizations pose greatest cyberthreat


More than 100 foreign intelligence agencies have attempted to penetrate U.S. government defense networks, a Pentagon official said Tuesday at the 2011 RSA Conference in San Franscisco.

What the TSA controversy can teach us about cyberterrorism and transparency


If you think there is nothing personal to gain for public officials who use words like "cyberterrorism," think again.

McAfee CEO: Get ready for tidal wave of mobile attacks


2011 promises to deliver a major influx of mobile application attacks, plus other sophisticated digital assaults, said Dave DeWalt, CEO of McAfee, during a keynote address Wednesday at SC Congress Canada in Toronto.

Securing our eCity: Grassroots block-by-block cyber threat awareness

Grassroots block-by-block cyber threat awareness CIO or IT managers can teach the best practices in cybersecurity and reap the benefits of helping protect and secure your eCity.

Entrapment: Somebody told me to do it, officer

Is a sting merely legitimized social engineering? Why cops don't have to tell you they're cops - online or off.


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