Cyberattacks up 50 percent in 2011


Publicly traded Canadian companies experienced 50 percent more cyberattacks in 2011 than in the previous year, study

SEC updates disclosure rules to include breaches


Public companies now must disclose known or potential cyber incidents if they would make investment in the company "speculative or risky," according to a document.

Cybercrime costs $388B annually, report says


The cost of digital crimes now rivals the illegal drug trade, according to a new report from Symantec.

New free tool checks for Shady Rat compromises


Following McAfee's revelations about a massive cyberspying campaign dubbed Operation Shady Rat, a security firm has released a free tool to help organizations determine whether their corporate network was compromised during the attack. The tool, released by cyberthreat management company Seculert, and called Shady Rat Checker, checks IP addresses against those found on the Shady Rat command and control server, Seculert CTO Aviv Raff told McAfee said at least 70 different companies worldwide were impacted by the attack, which targeted intellectual property - including government data, business dealings and corporate research. Seculert has identified IP addresses from hundreds of enterprises that have communicated with the nefarious server.

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