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India and Pakistan tensions go online

India and Pakistan tensions go online

Recorded Future's new report shows the cold war between India and Pakistan has been turning hot in cyber-space.

Stoking cyber fears is a useful tool in Iran war cheerleading


The cozy relationship between national security reporting and the United States government was back on full display Wednesday with a story from the New York Times, headlined "Bank hacking was the work of Iranians, officials say."

The art of cyberwar

Sun Tzu to Clausewitz to Georgia and Iraq: first principles are still first principles.

Rebels with a cause?

Activists, hacktivists, cyberwar and cybercrime: What are the differentiators?

Stuxnet's persistent legacy: Cybersecurity is blended security

Were cybersecurity and Stuxnet involved with Iranian Prof. Shahriari's recent assassination? What are the game-changing physical security considerations for chief information officers?

Stuxnet: Precursor to kinetic warfare?

Was the delay of the Stuxnet worm cleanup the true motive behind the assassination of Iranian cyberwarfare and nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari? Was Wikileaks content responsible for the timing of the attack? Analysis follows.

Future Crimes: Will the lights stay on past 2013?

Stuxnet has radically changed the global perception of cyberwarfare leveraging internet-connected SCADA vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure. Will the lights stay on or are we in for trouble?


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