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U.S. officials targeted in spate of Iranian cyber attacks

U.S. officials targeted in spate of Iranian cyber attacks


Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched a spate of cyberattacks targeting the email and social media accounts of Obama administration personnel in recent weeks.

Chinese documentary depicts attack against U.S. target


A Chinese military documentary appears to offer a rare glimpse of an actual state-sponsored hacking tool being used to attack a U.S. website affiliated with the dissident Falun Gong religious movement.

CyberWar is Hell

At any rate, it deserves to be taken seriously...

Cyberwar PsyOps: #Tunisia, #Egypt: Regimes Deposed by Twitter?

What role did private corporations and social media play in the regime change in Egypt and Tunisia?

Cyberwar PsyOps: Speak to Tweet

Google and Twitter provided innovative technology to enable #Egypt Tweets by voice. With the next layer of communication being the cellular phone, will Egypt shut down its phone system as well as internet?

Cyberwar PsyOps: Islamic suffrage and social media

What cyberwar psychological operations are now being conducted by women? How can information businesses be adaptable for changes which may be trending in a new Middle East? Part four of a series.

Cyberwar PsyOps Analysis: Egypt 2011

#OpEgypt and #Jan25 lead in this cyberwarfare analysis on psychological operations using social media. The old-school mobile phone is now the instrument of real-time sitreps. Will cellular network technology be the next risk for state-sanctioned cyberwarfare? Part three of a series.

Cyberwarfare dismissed! OECD speaks, others retweet

Refuting the recent downplay of cyberwarfare as a threat with well-thought analysis.

Stuxnet, Farewell Dossier, Cyberwar and WikiLeaks Wrapup

Why recent Wired and New York Times' Stuxnet cyberwarfare reporting doesn't shock Cybercrime Corner readers. A quick summary of relevant cyberwar/Stuxnet articles and preventive measures for review.

Cyberwarfare Roshambo: th3j35t3r Profiled

One great cyberwar campfire story for CIOs to share about DDoS toolkit compromises.

Hired guns: Cyberwar PsyOps, Part 2

Which social media participants and private companies will become collateral damage in the ongoing Tunisian cyberwar?

Hired guns: Cyberwar PsyOps, Part 1

What is the balance of privacy and free speech in a globalized information society? Will Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries with restrictive policies be next in line for cyber attacks attributed to Operation Payback?

Hired Guns: What's in the name CyberPMC or CyberPSC?

In 2011 and the new age of cyberwarfare, what differentiates a military corporation from a security corporation? Are you now working in a cyberwarfare capacity? If so, what restrictions on global trade should CIOs be concerned with?

Who will be to blame for the loss of a cyberwar?

Cyberwarfare is the boogeyman of 2011. If the risks are real, who holds responsibility for collapses of the power grid and communication networks?

Hired guns: Cyberwarfare and cyber-mercs

Whether the trend of privatizing military resources is good or not, it is already happening.

Future crimes: Are WikiLeaks, piracy and malware related?

Could a cargo ship's thwarted piracy reveal more than bullet holes and bloodstains? A theoretical view of why compromised shipping cargo information could make pirates and hijackers rich.

Stuxnet's persistent legacy: Cybersecurity is blended security

Were cybersecurity and Stuxnet involved with Iranian Prof. Shahriari's recent assassination? What are the game-changing physical security considerations for chief information officers?

Stuxnet: Precursor to kinetic warfare?

Was the delay of the Stuxnet worm cleanup the true motive behind the assassination of Iranian cyberwarfare and nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari? Was Wikileaks content responsible for the timing of the attack? Analysis follows.

Future Crimes: Will the lights stay on past 2013?

Stuxnet has radically changed the global perception of cyberwarfare leveraging internet-connected SCADA vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure. Will the lights stay on or are we in for trouble?

Stuxnet: Lessons not yet learned?

According to Iran, Stuxnet is no longer a threat - however use of a new zero-day exploit has extended its life cycle.

Cyberespionage: Raids from afar

Cyberespionage: Raids from afar


The Google-China attacks, revealed in January, kicked off a year in which the threat of cybespionage to steal corporate and government secrets firmly entrenched itself as part of the security battle zone.

Stuxnet: Cyber warfare's game-changer, Part Two

Is Stuxnet cyber warfare's Trinity Test?

Stuxnet: Cyber warfare's game-changer, Part One

Is Stuxnet cyber warfare's Trinity Test?

From sci-fi to Stuxnet: Exploding gas pipelines and the Farewell Dossier

Becoming part of a supply chain failure for nation-states willing to bypass embargo could lead to life-changing consequences.

Stuxnet should serve as wake-up call, say experts


The Stuxnet worm should serve as a wake-up call that cyberwarfare is a reality, experts said.

Entrapment: Somebody told me to do it, officer

Is a sting merely legitimized social engineering? Why cops don't have to tell you they're cops - online or off.

Leading Stuxnet theory points toward sabotage and SCADA inside players

IACS researcher says, Welcome to cyberwar

Email worm traced back to cyber-jihad group


The person responsible for the "Here you have" email worm, which wreaked havoc last week on businesses across the United States, may be part of a cyber-jihad group wanting to hack into U.S. Army IT systems.

Previously classified: malware's role in Pentagon attack

Whether or not we all believe in cyberwarfare, others on this blue-green world do.

Senate Committee passes major cybersecurity legislation


A U.S. Senate committee unanimously passed a cybersecurity bill, which would grant the president emergency power over critical infrastructure networks.


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