Data leakage prevention (DLP)

Hexis Cyber Solutions NetBeat NAC Enterprise

VENDOR: Hexis Cyber Solutions

WHAT: A well-designed network access control solution that can be deployed in minutes.

PRICE: $16,995.


Forum Systems Sentry API Gateway

VENDOR: Forum Systems

WHAT: A comprehensive application security appliance that allows users to set up robust security over a variety of different protocols and data formats.

PRICE: $25,000.


ForeScout CounterACT

VENDOR: ForeScout

WHAT: A policy-based network access control product that allows for inventory, classification and regulation of endpoints and network devices. It is available in several different configurations allowing flexibility and scal

PRICE: $9,752 (software appliance); $13,995 (CT100/A hardware appliance).


Avatier Identity Management Suite

VENDOR: Avatier

WHAT: A software-based identity management product.

PRICE: Starts at $45 per user.


Workshare Enterprise

VENDOR: Workshare

WHAT: SaaS-delivered secure collaboration application.

PRICE: $75 per user per year.


Varonis DatAdvantage and IDU Classification Framework

VENDOR: Varonis Systems

WHAT: Provides data classification for human-generated files, such as documents and SharePoint files or any human-generated files that reside on file servers.

PRICE: $17,000 DatAdvantage, $9,000 IDU Classification Framework for 100 users


Verdasys Managed Service

VENDOR: Verdasys

WHAT: As part of the Digital Guardian program, provides data classification

PRICE: As part of a data protection managed service, list price is $6 to $10 per user per month.


TITUS Classification


WHAT: rovides email and document classification – when both products are used – for Microsoft platforms.

PRICE: TMC starts at $27.50 per user; TCO starts at $27.50 per user; TITUS Classification including Desktop (TCD) starts at $51 per user.


StillSecure Safe Access v6.1

VENDOR: StillSecure

WHAT: Safe Access from StillSecure is a feature-rich network access control appliance that can detect and monitor many types of endpoints throughout the network and ensure they comply with the enterprise policy before access to network resources is granted.

PRICE: Starts at $2,100 for hardware appliance, and $36 per IP for software license.


Pleasant Solutions Pleasant Password Server v4.1.7

VENDOR: Pleasant Solutions

WHAT: The Pleasant Password Server from Pleasant Solutions provides a way to add central management capabilities to the KeePass Password Safe, a free, open source password manager.

PRICE: Starts at $125 for five users.


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