Data on nearly 10K Snelling Staffing employees made available online

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The personal information – including Social Security numbers – of almost 10,000 current and former employees of Texas-based Snelling Staffing was made available on the internet by a former employee that made an error when setting up a cloud-based server at home.

How many victims? 9,757. 

What type of personal information? Names, addresses, dates of birth, driver's license numbers, medical information, alleged criminal activity, drug test results and Social Security numbers.

What happened? A former employee made an error when setting up a cloud-based server at home, consequently making the personal information available on the internet.

What was the response? Snelling contacted the former employee, had access to the data disabled that same day, and ensured other information in possession of the former employee was deleted. Snelling is reviewing its data privacy and security policies and procedures to ensure a similar incident does not occur.

Details: The incident occurred on Jan. 24.

Quote: “Snelling does not believe that the information was disclosed or used in any other way by the former employee between the time the individual stopped working for Snelling and the time that the inadvertent disclosure was discovered on [Jan. 24], and Snelling has no reason to believe that the information has been misused since that time,” according to the notification letter.

Source:, “Data Incident Notification,” April 22, 2014.

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