Video: Eugene Kaspersky responds to hack

Eugene Kaspersky, founder of Kaspersky Lab, was in London today to announce that his company's servers had been hacked by a malware package which has been dubbed Duqu 2.0.

RSA 2015: Straight talk about encryption, bulk surveillance and IoT

Resilient Systems CTO and New York Times best-selling author Bruce Schneier explains why encryption won't compromise law enforcement, bulk surveillance doesn't work and the Internet of Things (IoT) is on track to create a big security mess.

RSA 2015: Bug hunting and responsible vulnerability disclosure

In this video, Casey Ellis, cofounder and CEO of Bugcrowd, discusses bug hunting and responsible vulnerability disclosure.

RSA 2015: A look at a highly targeted malvertising campaign

In this video, Adam Kujawa, head of malware intelligence with Malwarebytes, takes us through the campaign.

RSA 2015: Protecting today's vulnerable Smart Cities

In this video Danielle Walker interviews Cesar Cerrudo, CTO of IOActive, at RSA Conference 2015.

RSA 2015: Endgame discusses how cyberattackers evade detection

RSA 2015: Endgame discusses how cyberattackers evade detection

Endgame CEO Nate Fick and Chief Scientist Jamie Butler discuss how cyberattackers have been so successful in evading detection with SC Magazine Associate Editor Teri Robinson at RSA 2015.

Security spending shift: moving to the cloud

In this video, Jay Chaudhry, CEO and President of Zscaler, discusses these cloud security considerations.

Speeding up breach detection

In this video, Giora Engel, cofounder and chief product officer with LightCyber, talks about what organizations could be doing to more quickly detect breaches, and the best course of action to take when an incident is discovered.

Malvertising has a big impact

In this video, Manoj Leelanivas, president and CEO of Cyphort, discusses how malvertising works, the impact of the threat, and how the issue can be addressed.

iPad POS security

David Bozin, vice president of growth development at Bindo discusses mobile POS considerations, with the help of newer technologies.

Evolving DNS attacks

In this video, Jesper Andersen, CEO and president at Infoblox, chats with SC Magazine Senior Reporter Danielle Walker to discuss this threat and ways to defend against it.

Is online privacy dead?

In this video, Emma Carr, director of Big Brother Watch in the U.K., discusses the state of online privacy at the SC Congress event in London.

Managing open source security

In this video, Lou Shipley, president and CEO of Black Duck, discusses what exactly is meant by 'open source,' and how organizations can manage their security when it comes to open source.

Android mobile root privilege exploit used for malicious purposes

In this video, Michael Shaulov, founder and CEO of Lacoon Mobile Security, discusses how the exploit works, what attackers can do with it, and what organizations should do to protect users from these types of mobile threats.

New approaches for handling growing data security concerns

Christy Wyatt, CEO of Good Technology, discusses new approaches for tackling data security challenges at enterprises.