Do-Not-Track News, Articles and Updates

Opera joins other web browsers with do-not-track

Opera has added support for do-not-track in the latest release of its browser, version 12, which became available late last week.

New Windows 8 preview shows off browser privacy


Microsoft on Thursday made available its Windows 8 Release Preview, the final development step before the official version is released later this year.

Lawmakers brace for debate over "do-not-track" bill


A new "do-not-track" bill introduced Monday in the U.S. Senate would give consumers the ability to prevent companies from collecting information about their web browsing activities.

Debate: Congress should pass a law that prohibits the tracking of a consumer's online behavior.

Two sides weigh in on whether so-called do-not-track applications, which monitor consumers' online behavior, should be regulated.

IE9 with do-not-track option released


The latest version of Internet Explorer, version 9, was released Tuesday with a much-discussed tool that allows users to opt out of having their web surfing monitored. In December, the Federal Trade Commission suggested browser manufacturers adopt such a capability as a means of safeguarding consumers' online habits. Microsoft's do-not-track feature, by default, alerts websites that the user's data is not to be tracked. While Mozilla announced it too would soon offer such an option in its Firefox browser, Apple and Google have not yet publicly announced plans. - GM


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