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Natural gas giant RasGas targeted in cyber attack


A virus has reportedly shut down the energy company's website and email servers, giving rise to questions of whether the Shamoon virus is to blame.

Data-wiping Shamoon targeting Middle East energy sector


Shamoon, malware that overwrites files to the point of making computers unusable, has been described as a targeted, yet damaging threat.

Energy Department to analyze power grid cyber threats


The proposal is helpful, but still doesn't answer the question: who to call when an attack happens.

Recent attacks cost Energy Department at least $2M


The attacks, which occurred at four department locations, were not described in detail, but were deemed "successful" for adversaries, according to the annual audit.

New cybersecurity alliance launches in Massachusetts


The Advanced Cyber Security Center will partner businesses and research universities to share threat information and develop more effective defense strategies.

Department of Energy-funded lab silenced by APT attack


Internet and email service remains offline at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory after spear phishing attacks led to the theft of sensitive data.

Wind power company disputes alleged SCADA hack


A major U.S. energy supplier has found no evidence of breach despite claims by a former employee that he hacked into the company's New Mexico wind turbine facility as revenge for being fired.

Exxon, Shell, BP targeted in operation "Night Dragon"


Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell and BP were among the oil companies targeted by hackers believed to be from China to steal proprietary information about oil and gas field bids and operations, according to Bloomberg News. McAfee earlier this month disclosed details about the intrusions, dubbed "Night Dragon." The security firm, however, did not list any of the victim companies. According to Bloomberg, citing unnamed individuals familiar with the investigations, the list of targeted companies also includes Marathon Oil, ConocoPhillips and Baker Hughes. — AM

Chinese hackers break into oil companies' networks


Sophisticated hackers, believed to be from China, have broken into the networks of several global oil, energy and petrochemical companies.

Consider privacy when deploying smart grid technology


The smart grid certainly brings security concerns, but less-often mentioned are privacy risks, an official said Tuesday at SC Congress Canada.

Year in prison for disgruntled former IT admin


A former senior database administrator at a Houston-based electric provider, who was fired three months before he hacked into the corporate network to steal personal data belonging to 150,000 customers, has been sentenced to a year in prison. According to published reports, Steven Kim, 40, was fired from his job at Gexa Electricity in January 2008. Three months later, he broke into the energy company's database to download files, containing customer data such as names, Social Security and driver's license numbers, billing addresses and birth dates. He also received three years probation and must repay his former employer $100,000. — DK


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