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SC Awards 2015

Nominations for the SC Awards U.S. 2015 are now open!

SC Congress Toronto 2014

Canada’s premier information security conference & expo experience.

SC Congress New York 2014

The highly anticipated event in the Big Apple will take place on October 21 this year.

SC Congress Chicago 2014

Registration is now open for SC Congress Chicago!

Virtual Events

Chat with our exhibitors during the live eConference events.

Editorial Webcasts

SIEMs like old times

Just about every major enterprise employs a SIEM. However, if your SIEM isn't tuned correctly, you might not be able to get the most out of this extremely complex and expensive piece of software.

The new mindset for building secure services in the cloud

Security in the cloud is not the same as security in the corporate data center. Different rules and thinking apply when a CISO is trying to secure an infrastructure over which he or she has no physical access.

Keeping critical data secure in the cloud

Companies of all sizes are realizing the benefits of moving to private, public and hybrid clouds, but traditional security tools simply aren't working well in these environments.

Vendor Webcasts

Why manufacturers are using the cloud to deliver infosec

We all know that security gaps are widening due to technology shifts and advanced threats. Whether you are in finance, energy, tech, or manufacturing, the infosec challenges are much the same.

Turning tables on cybercriminals

The attacker defender asymmetry is well known. While it's impossible to defend all possible places of network compromise, defenders can shift the balance in their favor once the attacker has breached an endpoint.

Six steps to SIEM success sponsored by AlienVault

Tune in for this webcast to learn 6 practical steps every IT admin should take before embarking on a SIEM deployment.

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