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SC Awards 2015

Nominations for the SC Awards U.S. 2015 are now open!

SC Congress Toronto 2014

Canada’s premier information security conference & expo experience.

SC Congress New York 2014

The highly anticipated event in the Big Apple will take place on October 21 this year.

SC Congress Chicago 2014

Registration is now open for SC Congress Chicago!

Virtual Events

Chat with our exhibitors during the live eConference events.

Editorial Webcasts

Readying the enterprise for mobile

It's too late to put the kibosh on mobile computing in the enterprise. And why would any organization want to? The benefits are clear.

Contending with online thieves and fraudsters

As we all gear up for the holidays with plans to purchase any number of items online, cyberthieves too are gearing up with more and more creative ways to steal money, credentials and critical data from any number of organizations.

Fending off APTs from all fronts

Cybercriminals often target those areas of a network that pose the least resistance to get what they're after - usually the personally identifiable information of customers and employees, trade secrets, intellectual property and still other critical data.

Vendor Webcasts

Today's mobile security threats and tips to enable productivity without compromising data security

The threat landscape is evolving, and mobile threats are on the rise.

Key security insights for 2015

It's clear that cyber-crimes are alive and well on the global stage and will only continue to be pervasive as long as organizations prolong taking the necessary defense measures to stop threats from slipping through the cracks.

Insider threat: The emerging policy landscape & best practices

Retired Senior Executive,CIA - Insider Threat Detection, Larry Knutsen, will review the evolution of U.S. policy on insider threats and what they mean to your organization.

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