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SC Awards 2015

Nominations for the SC Awards U.S. 2015 are now open!

SC Congress Toronto 2014

Canada’s premier information security conference & expo experience.

SC Congress New York 2014

The highly anticipated event in the Big Apple will take place on October 21 this year.

SC Congress Chicago 2014

Registration is now open for SC Congress Chicago!

Virtual Events

Chat with our exhibitors during the live eConference events.

Editorial Webcasts

Keeping critical data secure in the cloud

Companies of all sizes are realizing the benefits of moving to private, public and hybrid clouds, but traditional security tools simply aren't working well in these environments.

A break in the clouds: Best practices for solving cloud infrastructure challenges to traditional security

Everything is different in the cloud. Including security.

Remediate before it's too late

With mega breaches springing up one after another, many industry players have registered both disbelief and awe at the sheer numbers of individual credentials stolen.

Vendor Webcasts

Strategies for effectively protecting intellectual property

When it comes to protecting your organization's intellectual property (IP), a single click by an end-user can either lead to a disastrous result (a data breach) or a great result (data protection).

Securing Your Website to Protect Brand Reputation

Customers are doing more and more business online. Nearly 80% of the U.S. population shops online and half bank online. However, websites are constantly under attack. 71% of consumers feel it is up to the online stores to ensure the protection of their information, making website security a top priority for many businesses.

Creating an encryption strategy for modern risks mitigation

Every company has a data security risk mitigation strategy. However, the continuous news cycle on data breaches is proof that it is time to augment that strategy.

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