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SC Awards 2015

Nominations for the SC Awards U.S. 2015 are now open!

SC Congress Toronto 2014

Canada’s premier information security conference & expo experience.

SC Congress New York 2014

The highly anticipated event in the Big Apple will take place on October 21 this year.

SC Congress Chicago 2014

Registration is now open for SC Congress Chicago!

Virtual Events

Chat with our exhibitors during the live eConference events.

Editorial Webcasts

The new mindset for building secure services in the cloud

Security in the cloud is not the same as security in the corporate data center. Different rules and thinking apply when a CISO is trying to secure an infrastructure over which he or she has no physical access.

Keeping critical data secure in the cloud

Companies of all sizes are realizing the benefits of moving to private, public and hybrid clouds, but traditional security tools simply aren't working well in these environments.

A break in the clouds: Best practices for solving cloud infrastructure challenges to traditional security

Everything is different in the cloud. Including security.

Vendor Webcasts

How to build a world-class threat intelligence capability from scratch

Threat intelligence is a broad subject and the natural tendency is to produce intelligence on any topic or event regardless of its applicability to the company. True success in threat intelligence depends on focusing intelligence efforts to very specific business objectives, which removes the large surface area and leaves only a challenging sliver of ultra-high value to pursue.

Enterprise security is about to get dramatically simpler

Ixia will change the landscape of network security by introducing a powerful new front line of defense for enterprises worldwide. Be one of the first to learn about this new security solution that will change the way enterprises view inline security protection.

Don't let sensitive data hitch a ride out of your network

Data is at the core of every business, and data theft is one of the most potent risks enterprises face. According to a 2015 Ponemon Institute study, the average consolidated cost of a data breach is $3.8 million, which includes investigative and forensic efforts, resolution, and the consequences of customer defection.

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