Exploit Kits News, Articles and Updates

New exploit kit may be "cooler" than BlackHole


Blue Coat researchers discovered that during last month alone, 204 new servers were hosting compromised web pages that delivered the Cool exploit kit to visitors. But it's a much costlier version compared to the dominant BlackHole.

Black Hat: A deeper look into how exploit kits fuel online crime


A researcher on Thursday will navigate through the underbelly of the internet to describe how exploit kits function, who is profiting off them, what to expect in the future and how organizations can protect their networks.

Black Hat hacker con promises to "ruffle some feathers"


The chairs of the five conference tracks taking place later this month at the Black Hat show in Las Vegas took some time Thursday to discuss some of the more riveting sessions that are planned.

Hackers add Java exploit to BlackHole toolkit


The commercially available and automated BlackHole exploit kit has been updated to include exploit functionality for a recently patched Java vulnerability, and attacks are now happening in the wild.


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