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As cyber criminals launch more advanced attacks to steal data they can sell for a profit, they've become adept at hiding their tracks. However, there is help out there to figure out just how a potential breach occurred so that victimized companies can shore up their defenses and, if desired, discover enough evidence to pursue legal action. While digital forensics is sometimes a forgotten component of information security programs, more organizations are making it a part of their risk management and business continuity plans. Here you'll find services by experts to aid in digital investigations, or tools which can be used internally.

Featured Vendors

Netwrix Corporation

  20 Pacifica, Suite 625
  Irvine, CA 92618
  Tel: 1.949.407.5125



Setec Investigations

  8391 Beverly Blvd., Suite 167
  Los Angeles, CA 90048
  Tel: (800) 748-5008 Fax: (323) 939-5481



The Experts

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