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Vandals hack checkout terminals at California supermarkets


As of Monday, at least 80 people were victimized by credit and debit card readers being tampered with.

Former UBS banker sentenced for fraud


A former bank executive has been sentenced to 33 months in prison for committing 84 fraudulent wire transfers that deposited $673,000 of UBS Securities funds into his personal accounts.

Best Enterprise Firewall & Best Fraud Prevention


Throughout the day, SC Magazine will be announcing the finalists from each of its 32 award categories, covering the Reader Trust, Professional and Excellence sections.

Support scams: Can we help you with those?

Help with cold-calling scams is offered from an unexpected source.

A taxing business

Sometimes it's useful to look at the nuts and bolts of a scam message to see what it might tell us about other scams.

Two more Comodo resellers "owned" in SSL hack


Comodo has confirmed that two additional registration authorities affiliated with the company also were compromised in a highly publicized SSL certificate fraud attack disclosed last week.

Experts weigh in on Comodo SSL certificate fraud


Reactions are running rampant after Comodo revealed it was tricked into issuing rogue digital certificates.

Visa strengthens its network fraud detection


Visa has enhanced the security of its electronic credit card authorization system, known as VisaNet, to improve the speed and accuracy of fraud detection, the card brand announced Thursday. Earlier this year, Visa improved the processing platform of its Advanced Authorization technology so that it can analyze more information and perform more functions faster. "This provides Visa with a comprehensive view into the global payments system, leading to high levels of intelligence around spending patterns and improving the company's ability to detect and prevent fraud in near real-time," Visa said. The company believes the improvements could lead to a 29 percent gain in fraud detection over 2009. - DK

Judge halts fraud racket that went undetected for years


A federal judge in Illinois has ordered the shutdown of a well-orchestrated operation that made fraudulent credit and debit card charges — often for as little as 20 cents at a time — to dupe victims out of millions of dollars.

Today's CISO can sink or swim

Today's CISO can sink or swim

Leave behind technological baggage and build business, says Verdasys' Emeric Miszti.


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