Greg Masters

Greg Masters

Managing Editor

Managing Editor Greg Masters joined SC Magazine in Jan. 2006. He has worked as a journalist and editor for 30 years. Previously, he was managing editor of a retail B2B magazine.

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Checkmarx receives $84M investment

Application security firm Checkmarx announced on Thursday it received an $84M investment from Insight Venture Partners.

Damballa appoints Stephen Newman as CTO

Damballa announced the promotion of Stephen Newman to chief technology officer.

Critic: NSA on a "very ugly path"

After 30-plus years as an official in the National Security Agency (NSA), William Binney has been speaking out about what he sees as the "very ugly path" his former employer, along with the FBI and CIA, are currently following.

Sign on the digital line: Case study

Sign on the digital line: Case study

Biopharma companies need a secure digital signing infrastructure. SureClinical found an answer for them, reports Greg Masters.

Extend surveillance, says Sen. Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced a bill that would grant intelligence agencies authority under the USA PATRIOT Act to continue mass surveillance until 2020

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