Greg Masters

Greg Masters

Managing Editor

Managing Editor Greg Masters joined SC Magazine in Jan. 2006. He has worked as a journalist and editor for 30 years. Previously, he was managing editor of a retail B2B magazine.

Most Recent Articles by Greg Masters

Apple premiers automatic update for security flaw

Apple has issued its first ever automated security update and it's aimed at preventing newly discovered bugs from letting hackers gain control of Macs.

Cyberattack fells German iron plant

A German iron plant fell victim to a cyberattack that caused physical damage, according to a report on Wednesday from a German federal agency.

North Korea's internet access unstable

Access to the internet within North Korea has been undependable in the past 24 hours.

Nuke operator in S. Korea undertaking cyber preparedness drills following hack

A nuclear plant operator in South Korea is initiating precautionary drills to fend off cyberattacks following a breach.

Debate: If the good guys don't hire the "unhireable," the bad guys will.

Experts debate whether or not organizations should consider hiring hackers with a criminal past.

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