Greg Masters

Greg Masters

Managing Editor

Managing Editor Greg Masters joined SC Magazine in Jan. 2006. He has worked as a journalist and editor for 30 years. Previously, he was managing editor of a retail B2B magazine.

Most Recent Articles by Greg Masters

P.F. Chang's customer data likely exposed for nine months

Credit card data of a projected seven million-plus customers of P.F. Chang's Chinese Bistro was reportedly exposed for nine months beginning in September 2013.

UK government harvesting online activity of its citizens

The UK government has been indiscriminately siphoning its citizens' electronic communications, it was revealed on Tuesday.

Firm suing to recover losses from cyber heist loses again on appeal

A recent court decision sided with a bank over a firm controlling escrow accounts.

Case study: Mine games

Case study: Mine games

A website attack prompted an Australia-based mining company to shore up its security implementation, reports Greg Masters.

Network Rx: Health care security

Network Rx: Health care security

With the addition of 15,000 mobile devices accessing its network, a medical center found assurance - and met compliance mandates, reports Greg Masters.

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