Hackers invade Konami to steal data from 35k gamers

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Following an attack on its Japanese website, Konami joins Ubisoft and Nintendo as the third video game company within two weeks to be targeted by hackers.

How many victims? More than 35,000 accounts.

What type of personal information? Names, genders, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers and email addresses.

What happened?  A statement issued by Konami said that nearly 35,000 accounts were successfully accessed following roughly four million attempts between June 13 and July 7.

What was the response? Konami has frozen the compromised accounts and has asked users to change their passwords to something unique.

Details: Konami noticed an influx of access errors to its ‘Konami ID' website earlier this week. The IDs are used for access to several of Konami's Japanese websites, including an online shop, but Konami said the compromised accounts do not appear to have been used for paid services. Konami suspects login information was leaked by a service run by a separate company.

Source: pcworld.com, PC World, “Konami follows Nintendo as victim of illicit login attacks in Japan,” July 10, 2013.

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