August 2010 Issue of SCMagazine

August 2010 Issue of SCMagazine

August 2010


Taking bets on secure code

A company new to the information security marketplace is reportedly outsourcing its software development for both its consumer and enterprise security solutions to programmers in ...


Company news: Yaron Dycian appointed VP at Trusteer, plus changes at Proofpoint and Solera

The latest industry news: personnel announcements, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships

Threat of the month

Threat of the month

MS Windows Help Center

2 minutes on

Rampant hotel data theft

For the past several years, hotels have been hit hard by data thieves.

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand

Whether it is the Big Four, vendors selling services or niche consulting firms, all seem to be expanding their consulting services teams.

Me and my job

Me and my job

How to measure success in cybersecurity.


Trust today's AV test results?

Do anti-virus test results accurately reflect the real-world capabilities of products? SafenSoft CEO Michael Kalinichenko takes a look.

Regulations & considerations

A new regulation provides an opportunity for enterprises to take a look at their security databases to determine if the systems in place will help ...

CSO's desk

Security is a collaborative effort

It is imperative that a team approach be used to meet the security needs of state business, says Kris Rowley, CISO, state of Vermont.


Regulation renovation: Regulatory compliance mandates

The effects of last year's regulatory changes have already begun to surface, reports Angela Moscaritolo.

Drive for better: Public safety and privacy

A number of companies try to do right by their customers by installing protections - before a data breach happens, says Ford's Scott Roundy. Dan ...

SIEM: Love it or leave it

Security information and event management (SIEM) tools have frustrated many - yet they are here to stay, reports Beth Schultz.

Hello world: SC World Congress and SC Congress Canada

Two SC Magazine events in November bring together many of the security industry's leading figures, as well as showcase top vendors.

Product opener

Figuring out what happened

Analysis is a major piece of what we do today in information assurance.

Group Test 1

AccessData Forensic Toolkit v3.0

A well-rounded, feature-rich application that is one of the best all-in-one forensic products available.

F-Response Enterprise Edition v3.

A tool that you can use to help with some of those frustrating problems you may come across in the field.

NetDetector/NetVCR Alpine v4.0

A hardware appliance used to monitor a network and capture and warehouse network traffic.

Cyber Security Technologies P2P Marshal Field Edition

Analyzes live systems and system images for peer-to-peer clients and peer-to-peer network connections.

Paraben Corp. Device Seizure v3.3

Features standard data acquisition and allows for the acquisition of deleted data.

WetStone Technologies US-LATT

WetStone US-LATT provides investigators with the ability to collect critical, live system data.

Technology Pathways ProDiscover Incident Response v6.1

This tool allows users to collect and analyze data from a hard drive, an image or over the network.

Group Test 2

CorreLog Enterprise Server

A powerful application that provides a web-based system that contains a multitude of SIEM capabilities.

LogLogic MX 3020

This appliance offers four modules that are integrated together to provide an in-depth look into compliance, security events, log management and database security.


The LogRhythm appliance offers some very powerful functionality for log management and security event management.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

Provides event log and application log monitoring and management across a wide variety of hosts and devices all from a centralized web base management console.

netForensics nFX Cinxi One

Combines log management with a powerful log correlation engine to provide a very deep look into network security events.

NitroSecurity NitroView Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) v 8.4

The latest release of the ESM adds some nice new features and enhances some existing ones.

Prism Microsystems EventTracker

The EventTracker can not only provide SIEM functions, but also USB device monitoring, system change management and automatic remediation by taking action to shutdown or ...

Quest Software InTrust

Provides users with the ability to manage and analyze logs and events from Windows, Linux and UNIX systems in one integrated application.

TriGeo Security Information Manager (SIM)

A very powerful tool that can provide a deep look into network events and system logs with granular controls.

Tripwire Log Center

Captures and collects logs from several devices and network sources and stores them in their raw unaltered state for correlation and analysis.

Trustwave SIEM

Uses a large set of listeners and services to gather logs from several network devices and hosts and, once gathered, the appliance saves the logs ...

First Look

Computer forensics for the rest of us

The idea behind BitFlare is that you use a free CD to examine a computer.

Last Word

Make privacy a corporate priority

Now is the time to make privacy a corporate priority, says Craig Spiezle of the Online Trust Alliance.


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