December 2007 18 12 Issue of SCMagazine

December 2007 18 12 Issue of SCMagazine

SC Magazine - December 2007


Editorial: Catching that end-of-year moment of silence

Hurtling into our annual Reboot edition, I became conscious of the break-neck speed at which 2007 has come to its end.


Company news

The latest from the boardrooms of the IT security industry.

News briefs: Rockies rocked

The Colorado Rockies baseball club blamed a cyberattack for downing its online ticket sales operation before the World Series in October. The Rockies lost to ...

2 minutes on

2 minutes on...New federal bill targets ID thieves

Those fighting the battle against privacy violations, spyware and other malicious attacks via the internet have a new weapon: the Identity Theft Enforcement and Restitution ...

Me and my job

Me and my job

Of what are you most proud?Professionally, I'm most proud of where our project is today, considering where it was four years ago. It's not an ...


An academic look forward

Now, as we close the calendar year and take a break from our academics for the holidays, I find time to think about what it ...

Telework gets the green light

Government agencies and industry organizations alike are embracing the cultural shift toward a mobile workforce. However, managers often point to mobile workers as a data ...

Debate: Congress should take lead in fight for data security

By Patrick McGregor, CEO, BitArmor, and Pate Dane, CEO, MyPublicInfo

CSO's desk

From the CSO's desk: In with more PCI compliance in 2008

It seems like such a short time ago that we formed the PCI Security Standards Council and embarked on our goal to improve payment security ...


Product section: Our 2007 industry innovators

This is a very special issue to me and the team at SC Labs because it is based on a year of seeing the good ...

Roundup 2007: Gazing into the crystal ball

We handed out crystal balls to several analysts, consultants, professors and CSOs and asked them to answer questions about next year.

Roundup 2007: The year's top fives

The top cybersecurity events of the year.

Roundup 2007: Top 5 influential IT security thinkers

The thought-leaders who had the biggest impact on IT security throughout 2007.

IT Security Reboot 2007

The end of yet another year sees in this final 2007 edition of SC Magazine our annual roundup of top thinkers, interesting happenings, business developments ...

Look ahead: Search for pioneers

On the hunt for more innovative solutions to holistically safeguard organizations' growing networks, Peter Stephenson pinpoints the product categories and solutions you might consider next ...

Industry innovators 2007: Access control

Of the classifications we looked at, access control is among the most multidimensional. We defined access control fairly broadly as including identification, authentication and authorization. ...

Industry innovators 2007: Identica Vascular Biometrics

The VP-II S vascular hand scanner provided by Identica fits perfectly into our look forward for the year. This device takes biometrics to a whole ...

Industry innovators 2007: Bradford Networks

If you are trying to log into a network protected by Bradford Networks' NAC Director, you'll have an agent on your computer or you won't ...

Industry innovators 2007: Passlogix v-Go SSO

Like all of our selections for this issue, Passlogix told us that they were innovators because they look at problems in new ways. What is ...

Industry innovators 2007: Fischer Identity Suite

When the phrase identity management comes up it is almost enough to make any administrator cringe. Between managing users, making sure they are in the ...

Industry innovators 2007: Analysis and testing

The analysis and testing products are the toys in our lab. The five products we've selected form the standards against which we test other products.

Industry innovators 2007: Mu Security Mu 4000

There may — will, according to Mu Security — come a time when signature-based vulnerability assessment by itself is no longer a viable testing option.

Industry innovators 2007: Core Security Impact

Iconsider the term "ethical hacking" an oxymoron, but it has become a part of the information assurance lexicon whether I agree or not. However, the ...

Industry innovators 2007: RazorThreat TAC

Every now and then we see, as Monty Python used to say "...something completely different." The RazorThreat Threat Analysis Console is just such a product. ...

Industry innovators 2007: LogLogic

SIM/SEM — security information management or security event management — often is characterized as being log correlation and analysis. LogLogic entered the market as an ...

Industry innovators 2007: WetStone Technologies

Occasionally one gets to see a set of products whose only connection is that they take really hard problems in a particular application space and ...

Industry innovators 2007: Perimeter defense

The perimeter defense group is a small one and there's a very good reason for that. Nowhere in the information security product space is there ...

Industry innovators 2007: eSoft Instagate

The unified threat management (UTM) market is a fast growing segment of the security market and vendors are trying to cram more and more security ...

Industry innovators 2007: NitroSecurity IPS

It's just an intrusion prevention system (IPS), right? Well, not exactly. NitroSecurity is another of those companies that we've been watching for a long time. ...

Industry innovators 2007: AirWave

Wireless is not the future. It is now. Organizations are demanding wireless connectivity and IT departments are struggling to deploy it, while security managers are ...

Industry innovators 2007: Data protection

Why bother to protect the network if we cannot protect the information on it? If we think carefully about the entire notion of an information ...

Industry innovators 2007: GTB Inspector

We have characterized GTB Inspector as "email security," but, really, that requires a bit of rethinking about what we mean by the term. There are, ...

Industry innovators 2007: PGP Encryption

In discussing innovation with people from PGP, we made a very interesting discovery. What we classically think of as PGP encryption actually is only a ...

Industry innovators 2007: Mi5 Networks Webgate

A major challenge in today's large networks is the build-up of unseen malware, spyware and botnets. The Mi5 Networks Webgate is a tool that helps ...

Industry innovators 2007: Security infrastructure

This group is ubiquitous in that it defines the security platform on which all other tools sit. Essentially, the security infrastructure is the child of ...

Industry innovators 2007: eSoft Threatwall

As we pointed out earlier in this month's issue, eSoft has the UTM for everyone. However, in some cases, a UTM is not what is ...

Industry innovators 2007: BigFix

Years ago, when BigFix was a new entry in the market, it was thought of as a patch management product. Over time the system has ...

Industry innovators 2007: Archer Technologies

It's not enterprise security management anymore. According to visionaries from Archer Technologies, the old notion of enterprise security management has given way to risk and ...

Last Word

Last word: Protecting today's mobile devices

New specifications can help avoid mobile security issues, says Janne Uusilehto.


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