December 2013 Issue of SCMagazine

December 2013 Issue of SCMagazine

Reboot 2013 features our industry luminaries, innovators, and lists of what we think were the top threats, law enforcements actions, and breaches in 2013.


In search of some cheer

Like no other year before it, 2013 illustrated for the entire globe just how essential cyber security is to business endurance, economic durability and personal ...


News briefs: Adobe's big breach, NISTS' new framework, and more

Adobe breach affects 38 million, UK man indicted for hack of U.S. Army network, NIST debuts new cyber security framework, and other news.

Company news: Appthority's new CEO and Catbird's new CTO

This month's industry news includes a new CEO at Appthority, recent funding acquired by Lookout, and Catbird's new CTO.

Threat of the month

Threat of the month: Domain hijacking

December's threat of the month is domain hijacking, a popular attack technique that takes over major domains.

2 minutes on

A seat earned at the Round Table

The role of the CISO is rapidly garnering a strategic voice at many organizations.

Skills in Demand

Computer forensic examiners are in demand

The need for computer forensic examiners (aka "CFE") is on the rise.

Me and my job

Me and my job: Alexandru Catalin Cosoi, chief security researcher, BitDefender

BitDefender's Alexandru Catalin Cosoi discusses role and what he'd like to see occur in the security space.


Debate: Biometrics on Apple's iPhone 5s evolves security of personal devices

In this month's debate, experts discuss whether the biometrics on Apple's iPhone 5s will evolve the security of personal devices.


As the network shifts

The right form of network security can - and will - support continuous monitoring and network security management initiatives.

Combatting insider threats

We must stop the insanity by focusing on the data and controlling privileged user access.

CSO's desk

The changing face of data protection

Information security personnel are challenged with protecting company reputation and enterprise and customer data from a constant and expanding barrage of cyber criminals.


A look ahead: Forecasts for 2014

A group of prominent security professionals forecast the significant industry shifts in 2014. Greg Masters compiles the responses.

A look back at the milestones of 2013

As this year-end issue demonstrates, the vibrancy of this industry is as bright as ever and the challenges only more acute. However, stellar professionals on ...

Researchers shed light on car hacking

What self-described "stunt hackers" Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek did to a Ford Focus on national TV was akin to breaking into a home, raiding ...

An academic creates a password-authentication model for the real world

Chris Mitchell's creation, Uni-IDM (universal identity management), is a software-based tool that helps users manage the authentication process.

Researcher lobbies for increased security on medical devices

Jay Radcliffe showed how his insulin pump was vulnerable to a remote takeover.

From private sector to government

Phyllis Schneck takes a level-headed approach to how the DHS should address potential attacks against critical infrastructure.

Civil liberties lawyer arguing against the NSA spying programs

The revelations about government surveillance made public by Edward Snowden have brought urgency and clarity to the work Jennifer Stisa Granick is doing as director ...

Luminaries: Honorable mentions

We salute a number of professionals - including lawyers, analysts, journalists and engineers - whose achievements in 2013 greatly enhanced the IT security industry and those ...

Reboot: In memoriam

We pay tribute to two security pros whose life's work helped evolve the technology and thinking of the IT security industry.

Top mergers and aquisitions activity in 2013

A compendium highlighting 2013's top mergers and acquisitions activity in the information security industry.

Case studies

Case Study: Lifeline for the help desk

Enabling students to reset their own passwords relieved IT staff - and network congestion - at a North Carolina college. Greg Masters reports.

Product opener

Welcome to the Innovators section and happy holidays

In the spirit of keeping up with advancements in information security, we take the December issue to examine those companies that will likely generate advancements.

Last Word

Eliminate mobile app threats

Don't hang your hat on enterprise app store security, says Jack Walsh at ICSA Labs.

Products: Industry Innovators

Industry Innovators 2013

Along with innovation comes uniqueness, says Peter Stephenson, technology editor.

2013 Industry Innovators: Access control

Access control is, arguably, the key aspect of information protection.

2013 Industry Innovators: Analysis and control

Analysis and testing covers the entire gamut of testing - from forensic tools to penetration testing.

2013 Industry Innovators: Data protection

Since it's all about the data why not go straight to the data and protect it directly?

2013 Industry Innovators: Perimeter defense

How do we protect a perimeter that does not, physically, exist?

2013 Industry Innovators: Security infrastructure

GRC is at once the biggest pain point (arguably) of most large organizations and the most important task that does not usually get done right.

2013 Industry Innovators: Virtualization and cloud security

When we talk about the cloud, we need to realize that the concept of the cloud is a business, not a technical, construct.

2013 Industry Innovators: Hall of Fame

The greatest pleasure that we have in writing this section each year is seeing who has the innovation and staying power to make it to ...


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