December 2012 Issue of SCMagazine

December 2012 Issue of SCMagazine

Dec. 2012


The classic fairy tale gone cyber

From stealthy to blatant tactics, 2012 has seen them all.


Company News: Barracuda Networks hires new CEO

The latest news involving personnel and companies in the security industry, including Barracuda Networks' new CEO, and Incapsula's new alliance program.

News briefs: South Carolina breach, MiniFlame and more

This month's news briefs include the massive South Carolina breach, the detection of MiniFlame, and the debacle Barnes & Noble faced after scammers tampered with ...

Threat of the month

Threat of the month: Natural disasters

Our threat of the month for December are natural disasters, which result in the loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information.

2 minutes on

2 minutes on: The advancement of DDoS

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, one malicious tactic has stood the test of time: distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS).

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand: System engineers

The convergence of communications, VoIP and multimedia systems (video conferencing, webinars, peer-to-peer) has increased the demand for engineers capable of designing and managing systems.

Me and my job

Me and my job: Brian Calkin, Multi-State ISAC Security Operations

A Q&A with Brian Calkin assistant director, Multi-State ISAC Security Operations Center at the Center for Internet Security.


Debate: Comprehensive cyber security legislation will happen in 2013

Comprehensive cyber security legislation (or a presidential executive order) will happen in 2013.


Install mobile app safeguards

This is the age of bring-your-own-device, and it is too late to turn back now.

Questions for CxOs in a new era

As network security grows more elusive, CxOs need to ask their IT departments some tough questions.

CSO's desk

Comparing programs can yield rewards

We all know what we spend internally, but how do we get reliable, timely information for comparison purposes?


Top mergers and acquisitions activity in 2012

Here's a year-end look back at some of the biggest mergers and acquisitions activity in the security space.

Two champions for women in technology

Valerie Aurora and Mary Gardiner have united to form a decade-long collaboration on a variety of "women in open source" advocacy projects, including developing anti-harassment ...

Community advocate for secure software

Michael Coates, director of security assurance at Mozilla and chairman of OWASP, is a steadfast supporter of open-source methods to safeguard users against security and ...

Anthropologist focused on hacker culture

Gabriella Coleman, professor at McGill University in Montreal and avid observer of the Anonymous online collective, has become one of the pre-eminent thought leaders on ...

Standards bearer for risk management

Ron Ross is helping to lead the development of new standards and controls that security professionals can use to safeguard their organizations against today's internet ...

Privacy activist and technologist

Chris Soghoian, who was recently hired as the ACLU's first-ever principal technologist, has never been afraid to ruffle the feathers of the corporate establishment when ...

Web exclusive: In the year 2013, a trend forecast

The threats to enterprise networks continued to grow this year, but the tech grab bag is also getting more potent, reports Alan Earls.

Web exclusive: A look ahead

A group of prominent security professionals forecast the most significant industry shifts in 2013. Greg Masters compiles the responses.

Product opener

Holiday gifts for the new year

This year, the information security industry has given all of us a gift of sorts: a bumper crop of new tools. And, we're calling out ...

Product Reviews

2012 innovators in the IT security industry

It's all about protecting enterprise data, says Peter Stephenson, technology editor.

Industry Innovators: Access control

When we talk about access control, we usually assume that we are discussing all of its aspects, including identification, authentication and authorization.

Industry Innovators: Analysis & testing

There are two times when we need analysis and testing: before and after an event.

Industry Innovators: Data protection

Now we get to the meat of the issue: Protecting the data directly.

Industry Innovators: Perimeter defense

Protecting the perimeter is usually about dealing with threats and this year's Innovators do a great job of addressing that.

Industry Innovators: Security infrastructure

These tools define and manage the security infrastructure by managing risk and implementing policy.

Industry Innovators: Virtualization & cloud security

The cloud and its core enabling architecture virtualization needs a special kind of security.

Industry Innovators: Hall of Fame

This year's inductees have a loyal following, good year-on-year growth and the right stuff for their respective niches

Last Word

Cyber laws may need tweaking

2013 may be the year that U.S. companies strike back at their cyber adversaries, says Taia Global's Jeffrey Carr.


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