January 2008 19 1 Issue of SCMagazine

January 2008 19 1 Issue of SCMagazine

SC Magazine - January 2008


Editorial: Critical data protection grows up

It seems information security is getting to the front line of business imperatives. More than ever before, executives are giving IT security and data protection ...

2 minutes on

2 minutes on...The rise of cyberespionage

Warnings about the dire consequences of cyber-espionage and its affect on the national security of the United States and the business activities of American companies ...


Opinion: Can we plan security strategically?

Another year and another set of new resolutions. But can we plan cybersecurity strategically? Some colleagues say no. They insist events are moving too fast.

Know what is the board's responsibility

Several bills are expected to be introduced in Congress soon that would have significant impact on how businesses are required to protect confidential information, as ...

CSO's desk

Protecting customers = teamwork

While estimates vary on the volume of phishing emails sent around the world everyday, there is no debating the fact that they have become a ...


Customer connect: Using security as a market differentiator

Bruce Bonsall, CISO, MassMutual, says many businesses today are leveraging security as a market differentiator, reports Dan Kaplan.

Browser wars

How secure are the web browsers we rely on? Jim Carr looks at the issues surrounding this essential, but often vulnerable application.

SC Awards 2008: Becoming a contender

A distinguished panel of judges, as well as you, our readers, have selected the finalists for the 2008 SC Magazine Awards.

Survey 2008: Guarding against a data breach

Information security pros are increasingly confronted by cybercriminals trawling their corporate networks for customers' private data. More than 80 percent of the respondants to the ...

Product section: Managing access - first line of enterprise defense

Welcome to the first Group Test reviews of 2008. Appropriately, we start this year with two important groups: identity management and multifactor authentication products

Product Reviews

PassGo Defender v5.2

Defender 5 deploys strong two-factor authentication controlled within Windows Active Directory to ensure that only authenticated users have access to protected resources. The Defender 5 ...

Aladdin eToken

Aladdin eToken offers full enterprise-wide deployment and lifecycle management of all authentication tokens, users and support applications. The product uses an open standards-based architecture with ...

Vasco Digipass

Digipass encompasses some of the best features we found into one strong two-factor authentication product. Features start with intuitive policy-based user authentication.

Actividentity 4TRESS AAA Server v6.5

The 4TRESS AAA Server offers scalable authentication and authorization and accounting services. 4TRESS is supported by Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and SQL databases, allowing ...

Encentuate IAM Suite with iTag v3.5

Encentuate IAM suite has many well-developed features that cover the full spectrum of administrator deployment and end-user authentication.

StrikeForce Technologies ProtectID

StrikeForce’s ProtectID product provides an open architecture platform for strong user authentication. The product allows multiple authentication devices, such as biometrics and cell phone authentication ...

TriCipher Armored Credential System

The TriCipher Armored Credential System (TACS) is just that: a truly integrated system that delivers authentication with the strength of public key infrastructure (PKI) that ...

Multi-Factor Authentication SecureAuth for SSL VPN

Straight out of the gate, this product, coupled with Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) SSL VPN, can offer same-day deployment with x.509-level user authentication

Novell Identity Manager v3.5

This is a lot more than a simple identity management product. Identity Manager is a complete identity management system, a workflow system that simplifies both ...

A10 Networks IDsentrie 1000

The IDsentrie identity management appliance brings together several forms of secure user management into one device. This appliance focuses on two main areas of identity ...

Access Smart Power LogOn v4.0

This product offers a somewhat different approach to identity management. Its focus is not on user provisioning and the user lifecycle, rather it is a ...

Avatier Identity Management Suite

When Avatier claims this to be an Identity Management Suite, they are not kidding around. This product contains all the tools necessary to manage users ...

Citrix Systems Password Manager

This product is designed to be the password management piece of a much larger identity management puzzle. Therefore, the features focus only on password management.

Courion Enterprise Provisioning Suite

The Courion Enterprise Provisioning Suite can be summed up as fully adaptable, tailor-made identity management. Users can select specific components of the suite and have ...

Evidian WiseGuard v4.5

WiseGuard is one piece of the much larger Evidian Identity and Access Management (IAM) Suite. This product focuses only on single sign-on integration into an ...

Identity Engines Ignition Server et al

This product is a few products in one. The Ignition Server serves two functions: identity management and network access control. The Ignition Guest Manager allows ...

Imprivata OneSign v3.6

Convergence is the best word to sum up this appliance-based product. The Imprivata OneSign appliance brings together three pieces of identity management. The first piece ...

M-Tech Identity Management Suite

The M-Tech Identity Management Suite is made up of several different modules. The two main modules are ID-Synch and P-Synch.

Sun Microsystems Identity Manager v7.1

The Sun Identity Manager is designed to play at a high level in a large environment. This product focuses on creating and managing provisioning workflows ...

Last Word

Last word: Make the FISMA grade meaningful

FISMA lays a good foundation for securing info assets, says Christopher Fountain.


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