January 2013 Issue of SCMagazine

January 2013 Issue of SCMagazine

Jan. 2013


Starting the year off with a...bang?

As we start 2013 off, I'm pretty sure that information security leaders everywhere are glad to hear all those predictions about their budgets getting a ...


News briefs: The latest security events

This month's news briefs include President Obama issuing guidance for the information security threat posed by insiders, charges in Butterfly botnet case and hack of ...

Debate: Bug bounty programs

Debate: Bug bounty programs - offering monetary rewards to researchers - help make companies more secure.

Threat of the month: Virtualized application vulnerabilities

The first "Threat of the Month" for 2013 are virtualized application vulnerabilities.

Company news: HP, Google, Apple, Microsoft, McAfee and more

Vormetric's new CEO, Apple's newest security researcher, and more of the latest security company news.

2 minutes on

2 minutes on: Will ad blockers be regulated?

Stretched across websites, carefully placed beside content and at times popping out of nowhere to steal one's attention, we can run from online advertisements, but ...

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand: SOC analysts

As threats grow in complexity, many organizations rely on managed security service providers to handle security operations center (SOC) capabilities.

Me and my job

Me and my job: Alex Nehlebaeff, Harley-Davidson Financial

This issue's "Me and my job," features Alex Nehlebaeff, information security manager at Harley-Davidson Financial Services.


Legislation: Friend or foe?

The proposed Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is galvanizing government and industry over whether we need federally mandated security legislation and what it ...

BYOD testing MDM

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) has emerged as an institution in corporate America today - but does the acronym stand for bring your own device or bring your ...

CSO's desk

Can't beat 'em? Insure against 'em.

If no one can guarantee an organization is hack-proof, then perhaps it's time for a more practical approach - cyber liability insurance.


Not your parents' threatscape: APTs

For those organizations at risk to a nation-state attack, preparation should come with the expectation of compromise, as well as knowledge that the damage can ...

Cloud of suspicion

Cloud computing still is trying to overcome the trust and reliability issues that has made it a questionable proposition for many organizations.

Risky business: Marriage of compliance & security

Compliance brings with it the stigma of cost, complexity and confusion, but viewing it from a risk point-of-view may help make it more tolerable.

A seat at the table: The plight of the CISO

Rodney Dangerfield couldn't get any respect, and neither can CISOs, who still struggle for recognition within the C-suite. But ignore them at your own risk, ...

Compliance confluence: 1st Credit and SureCloud

A highly regulated debt collector from the U.K. needed to achieve compliance, but it wanted to scrap all of the point solutions on which it ...

Product opener

Familiarity breeds carelessness

The notion of authentication is one that is so familiar to most of us that it hardly bears discussing. Or does it?

Group Test 1

Deepnet Security DualShield

With its DualShield, Deepnet Security offers a product that can add that extra layer of security to those applications – at a reasonable price point.

DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise

As long as one is using Active Directory, DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise may just be the solution for large-scale deployment of multifactor authentication services.

Entrust IdentityGuard

With its IdentityGuard product, Entrust integrates physical and logical, mobile and cloud security, all at a surprisingly low price point.


Companies looking for a turn-key, out-of-band authentication solution need look no further than PhoneFactor.

SafeNet Authentication Service

The SafeNet Authentication Service offers an entirely cloud-based multifactor authentication platform for the enterprise.

Swivel Secure Swivel Appliance

The Swivel Appliance from Swivel Secure is driven by PINsafe, which allows users to combine PINs with randomly generated security strings to provide robust strong ...

VASCO DIGIPASS GO 7 and IDENTIKEY Authentication Server

The IDENTIKEY Authentication Server and DIGIPASS GO 7 from VASCO pair together to provide solid, out-of-the-box, strong authentication to applications throughout the enterprise environment.

TeleSign 2FA

TeleSign 2FA is a full application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK) that allows an enterprise to integrate two-factor authentication into its existing ...

First Look

Remote assurance from all over the planet

DesktopDirect is a simple - though not at all simplistic - RDP gateway.

Last Word

Nurturing females for STEM posts

If we want the best minds, we can no longer look to only half the population, says Karen Purcell.


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