January 2011 Issue of SCMagazine

January 2011 Issue of SCMagazine

January 2011


Data Breach Survey: Getting the bosses on board

One of the findings in SC Magazine's fourth annual "Guarding Against a Data Breach" survey is that you can get compliant with a sound security ...


Company news: Weafer joins McAfee; IBM, AVG make acquisitions

The latest personnel announcements and other company news.

Threat of the month

Threat of the month: P2P DNS

P2P DNS is the latest proposal for an alternative Domain Name System (DNS) service, one that strives to replace ICANN as the authority.

2 minutes on

WkiLeaks fallout: The data breach heard around the world

After WikiLeaks began publishing secret U.S. diplomatic cables in late November, a number of pundits asked how the federal government failed to detect and prevent ...

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand: Michael Potters, CEO, The Glenmont Group

Many retailers are looking for architects and associate architects in information security.

Me and my job

Me and My Job: Steven Jones, Synovus Financial Corp.

A monthly Q&A with an IT security professional.


Debate: Organizations will be better able to handle data breaches in 2011.

Organizations will be better able to handle data breaches in 2011.

CSO's desk

The dotted lines of health care

Health care chief information security officers (CISOs) have to ask themselves, "What exactly are the security and privacy requirements around EHR?"


Innovate to survive

Today's complex threat landscape must give rise to fresh security ideas, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Advanced Research Projects Agency is helping to ...

Data breach survey: Data during a downtime

SC Magazine's annual data breach survey shows that budgets will remain stagnant as threats continue to evolve.

Private matters: Privacy regulations

Some say that the United States, compared to Europe and Canada, long has lagged in terms of privacy controls for consumers, but stricter regulations could ...

Current events

Our two gatherings - the third annual SC World Congress in New York and inaugural SC Congress Canada in Toronto - illustrated the vitality of ...

2011 SC Awards U.S.: Drum roll, please...

The winners of the prestigious 2011 SC Awards U.S. will be announced on Tuesday, Feb. 15 in San Francisco.

Product opener

Strong authentication

We kick off the year with strong authentication as our theme. That includes multifactor and biometric authentication.

Group Test 1

360 Biometrics PersonID

PersonID from 360 Biometrics can be used to provide fingerprint identification of employees, partners or any authorized person that is enrolled into the system.

ACTAtek combination unit

The ACTAtek combination unit offers biometric security for doors and physical access points.

Bayometric Griaule Fingerprint SDK 2009

The Bayometric Griaule Fingerprint SDK is not a physical product but a full development kit for software developers to incorporate biometrics into applications throughout the ...

DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise

DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise offers fully integrated biometric fingerprint logon capabilities for the enterprise infrastructure.

e-DATA Fingerprint Key

The e-DATA Fingerprint Key is the biometric heart of a full-access control system.

Fujitsu Frontech North America PalmSecure Palm Vein Authentication System

The Fujitsu PalmSecure device is a small cube sensor that uses near-infrared light to capture a person's palm vein pattern.

MXI Security Stealth Key M700 Bio

The Stealth Key M700 Bio from MXI Security allows fully manageable multifactor authentication, including any combination of fingerprint, PIN and smart card.

Group Test 2

Entrust IdentityGuard v9.3

Entrust IdentityGuard is an open, versatile authentication platform that enables security across diverse users, transactions and applications.

HID Global: HID on the Desktop naviGO 1.0 SP3

HID on the Desktop is based on HID’s naviGO technology, which manages the logon and logging functionality on Windows-based PCs.

PhoneFactor v3.0

PhoneFactor v3.0 provides tokenless authentication and identity support through three easy methods of multifactor authentication.

Quest Software: Quest Defender v5.6

Quest Defender v5.6 uses the power and flexibility of Active Directory to provide strong two-factor authentication for the organization.

Tesline-Service S.R.L.: Rohos Logon Key Server v2.7.6

Rohos Logon Key Server v2.7.6 allows users to access a Windows computer in an easy, fast and secure way using any USB key (USB flash ...

First Look

Invincea browser protection

This product is from a brand new company and I predict big things for it if the management team continues down the road they're on ...

Last Word

M&A changing the IT landscape

Large vendors are bundling major components of information security into their stack offerings, says TheInfoPro's Ken Male.


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