July 2009 20 7 Issue of SCMagazine

July 2009 20 7 Issue of SCMagazine

July issue


Pros and cons of user-driven content

Preventing access to Web 2.0 sites altogether isn't the right move.

Threat of the month

2 minutes on

Fed cyber review revealed, action awaited

President Obama's recent announcement unveiling a protection plan for the nation's digital infrastructure and a new federal cyber coordinator position was met with both praise ...


Defining the 21st Century CIO

The areas of security and privacy have grown substantially more complex in recent years, says Deloitte & Touche's Ted DeZabala.

Engage all to protect data

The increased sophistication of internal and external threats requires a culture-driven approach to data security, says Ed Gaudet, Liquid Machines.

CSO's desk

Evaluating the staff's secure behavior

True security cultures are created via a transparent process that offers equal parts of praise and punishment, says Experian's Stephen Scharf.


Across the university: University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston and Novell

An academic health center based in Houston found assistance in the provisioning of users across its network, reports Greg Masters.

Security budget: Dollars and sense

Despite dwindling budgets, some IT departments are finding ways to become more efficient and secure, reports Angela Moscaritolo.

Practical forensics

Large and small enterprises are facing a number of issues when it comes to forensic investigations, reports Deb Radcliff.

Data breach defense: Response ability

When a breach occurs, customers expect more than an apology, says Bob Maley, Pennsylvania's CISO. Dan Kaplan reports.

SC World Congress: Innovative thinking

SC World Congress 2009 gathers a first-class speaker roster, Security Innovators Throwdown and a vendor showcase.

Product Reviews

Safend Data Protection Suite

The Safend Data Protection Suite is an encryption (and endpoint protection) software solution that consists of a centralized management console, which runs on IIS and ...

BeCrypt DISK Protect

BeCrypt DISK Protect is a standalone software solution that offers whole disk encryption protection for host machines.

CREDANT Technologies Mobile Guardian Enterprise

Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition is a client-server encryption architecture that deploys encryption policies from a centralized management console to various Windows-based clients and mobile devices.

Data Encryption Systems DESlock+

DESlock+ is a software-based product that contains both a central administration server component, as well as a client application to manage encryption in the enterprise.

PGP Whole Disk Encryption 9.10

PGP’s Whole Disk Encryption is a software application that provides multiple encryption options for a host machine.

SkyRecon StormShield 5.1

StormShield Flexible Data Encryption by SkyRecon is a client-server-structured software solution that provides file- and folder-based encryption to host machines.

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise

SafeGuard Enterprise from Sophos is a series of software-based components that comprise an entire modular suite.

WinMagic SecureDoc v4.6

WinMagic SecureDoc v4.6 is a software-based solution which provides a centrally managed encryption platform.

Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES

Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES is a client-server-based digital rights management (DRM) product that integrates with most existing infrastructure, including directory systems, operating systems and ...


SafeNet’s HASP SRM controls access to protected software applications either through a hardware dongle or through a virtual dongle that resides on the end-user’s hard ...

Code Green Networks CI Appliance

The CI Appliance from Code Green Networks provides scanning of network traffic for sensitive content, and based on policy can block, allow, quarantine, retain a ...

EMC Documentum IRM

EMC Documentum Information Rights Management (IRM) encrypts and persistently protects documents from unauthorized viewing, copying and printing, regardless of where the document physically resides.

Fidelis Security Systems XPS

The Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System (XPS) is a full-function, high-end system that can combat data leakage on many fronts.

GTB Inspector

The GTB Inspector is designed to protect the enterprise from data leakage.

NextLabs Enterprise DLP

NextLabs Enterprise DLP is an all-around, full-featured data leakage prevention and digital rights management product.

SecureMetric Technology SecureDongle X

The SecureMetric SecureDongle X provides license protection so that software developers can protect their software against piracy.

First Look

Access management from a different perspective

The appliance can be accessed through SSH, but only the customized Rohati commands are available, and there are no services turned on that are not ...

Last Word

Cloud gives federation life again

Organizations can secure access to applications across domains using federation, says Eric Olden.



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