July 2008 19 7 Issue of SCMagazine

July 2008 19 7 Issue of SCMagazine

SC Magazine July 2008


The importance of strategic thinking

For this year's SC Magazine Salary and Career Survey, we touched base with a large number of industry players.


"Showing up" in the world

Successful leaders build the capacity to achieve results beyond their expectations, says Michael Cooper, principal, LEVER/edge.

Build a sound foundation

Security efforts tend to be misdirected, piecemeal, wrong-sized or inefficient, says Don Gray, vice president, Solutionary.


2008 Salary and career survey: More than money

Information security pros neither face wage boons nor badlands this year, reports Illena Armstrong.

Higher learning

Advanced degrees in information security are popping up with increasing frequency, but are they worth the time? Cynthia Phillips at Brandeis says yes, reports Dan ...

Seeing the green: Troon Golf and Fortinet

Troon Golf, with 190 courses in 32 states, found a more efficient and cost-effective way to link its links, reports Greg Masters.

Data Theft: Identifying solutions

Protecting identity during web transactions provides peace of mind to consumers and end-users, reports Eric Butterman.

A more secure union

Integrating the networking and IT security staffs delivers operational benefits, but comes with challenges, reports Jim Carr.

Product Reviews

Accessing the network -- securely

This month, Technology Editor Peter Stephenson and the crew at SC Labs looked at remote access and access control.

Array Networks SPX3000

The SPX3000 appliance from Array Networks combines many good features for making network resources easily accessible to users outside the network.

BEC Technologies Billion BiGuard S6000

The BiGuard S6000 extends the network to the remote user.

Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.4

The Kerio WinRoute Firewall is an interesting product for this category.

SonicWALL Aventail EX-1600

The Aventail EX-1600 is a high-end SSL VPN designed for the needs of medium to large enterprises.

SonicWALL SSL-VPN 2000

The SonicWALL SSL-VPN 2000 focuses its feature set toward becoming more than just a virtual network.

3SP SSL-Explorer Enterprise

This product brings together some highly comprehensive features in an easy-to-manage package.

BigFix Enterprise Server

The BigFix Enterprise Server (BES) is a highly scalable software environment.

Bradford Networks NAC Director

If you are looking for a NAC device, make sure to start with the offering from Bradford before trying anything else.

ForeScout Technologies CounterACT

The ForeScout CounterACT works much like a network sniffer looking for malicious sources.

NetClarity NACwall Micro

NACwall Micro is an amazingly feature-rich product, despite being only slightly larger than the average digital camera.

Sophos NAC Advanced

The Sophos NAC Advanced product is a well-designed offering which balances the need for ease of administration with network protection.

StillSecure Safe Access

With StillSecure Safe Access, every device starts in the quarantine network segment and has to test out of quarantine to reach devices on the protected ...

Symantec Network Access Control 11

The offering from Symantec is much larger than the scope of this review.

Skybox View 4.0 Security Risk Management Platform

Like the sky box in a sports stadium, Skybox SRM offers an overall view of everything.

Last Word

Strengthen the supply chain

The private sector must appreciate its role in national security, say Richard A. Clarke and Kiersten Todt Coon.


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