June 2014 Issue of SCMagazine

June 2014 Issue of SCMagazine

Our June issue features in-depth articles on affecting the C-suite, new HIPAA regulations, government standards, as well as a special section on education in the security space.


News briefs: The latest on Heartbleed, Microsoft fix for IE, U.S. Cyber Command and more

This month's news briefs cover the Heartbleed bug, a Microsoft fix for IE, and more.

Company news: New hires at RedSeal Networks, Rapid7, and Cryptzone's acquisition

From new hires and acquisitions to securing millions in equity financing, this month's company news features a collection of industry moves.

Threat of the month

Threat of the month: Network deperimeterization

Security professionals should be aware of network deperimeterization, which decreases the usefulness of network edge security devices and increases the potential for device infection and ...

2 minutes on

A single solution for retail breaches?

In the wake of recent headline-grabbing breaches at retail chains, arguments quickly arose regarding what could be done in terms of prevention.

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand: Information security analysts

As global organizations work to stay ahead of cyber attacks, they require information security analysts to help steer them through risk assessment, vulnerability assessment and ...

Me and my job

Me and my job: Col. (Retired) Barry Hensley, Dell SecureWorks

It was while working with an elite group of cyber forces in the military that Col. (Retired) Barry Hensley realized the severity of security issues ...


Debate: DDoS is becoming a more serious threat to enterprises.

While distributed denial-of-service attacks continue to plague organizations around the world, in this month's debate experts discuss whether they should be a top of mind ...

CSO's desk

Supply chain: The new surety frontier

To provide assurance against counterfeit or tainted ICT products, solutions and services as well as end-to-end security practices should be addressed.


Affecting the C-suite: The CSO's reputation in today's corporate environment

Those who occupy the C-suite all bow to one corporate god: Reputation, says Blackstone CISO Jay Leek. James Hale reports.

HIPAA shake: Health care

Adherence to HIPAA, the national law that aims to protect patient information, is about to get trickier, reports Alan Earls.

Following the framework: Government standards

New government standards promise to address risk and improve online security for critical infrastructure, reports Karen Epper Hoffman.

Product opener

Mitigating risk is not as simple as it seems

This month, our Technology Editor Peter Stephenson looks at risk and policy management.

Group Test 1

Acuity STREAM Integrated Risk Manager v3.1

STREAM Integrated Risk Manager v3.1 from Acuity Risk Management is a risk-driven, compliance-monitoring and reporting solution that can log, track, remediate and report against multiple ...

Agiliance RiskVision v7.0 (HF1)

Agiliance RiskVision v7.0 provides a holistic view of security and compliance in one integrated enterprise platform that enables companies to move from a reactive threat-driven ...

AlgoSec Security Management Suite v6.5

The AlgoSec Security Management Suite is an appliance-based policy management toolset for analyzing routing tables, hit counters, log files and topology information from various firewalls, ...

Allgress Insight and Risk Manager v5

Allgress Insight and Risk Manager v5 helps companies aggregate data from security and compliance assessments and technical inputs and turn it into meaningful, actionable risk ...

Risk Analytics as a Service v4.1.0

Brinqa Risk Analytics is an IT risk management and vulnerability risk management platform that provides a consolidated view of an organization’s risk factors. Handles Big ...

Citicus ONE vR.4.0

Citicus ONE is an integrated system for organizations to automate their IT governance, risk and compliance management processes.

Aegify vMarch2014

Aegify from eGestalt Technologies is a subscription-based, cloud-delivered software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for IT security monitoring and compliance management, vulnerability analysis and risk management.

FireMon Security Intelligence Platform

The FireMon Security Intelligence Platform consists of a central security manager appliance fed via data collectors spread throughout the network.

Total Protection (ToPS) for Compliance v7.x

ToPS for Compliance and ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) software is an extensible management platform that enables centralized policy management and enforcement of security products and the ...

Modulo Risk Manager v8.4

Modulo Risk Manager automates GRC processes, integrating different areas and activities and allowing for centralized reporting.

New Net Technologies Change Tracker Enterprise

Change Tracker Enterprise from New Net Technologies enables organizations to bring their existing environment into a state of policy compliance and then continually monitor and ...

Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory

Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory is a small piece of the much larger Netwrix Auditor Suite, which provides change and configuration auditing across a vast ...

Promisec Endpoint Manager

Promisec Endpoint Manager offers full agentless management and auditing of the many client computers on the enterprise network.

RSA Archer GRC Platform 5.4 SP1

The RSA Archer GRC Platform 5.4 SP1 provides an organization with a consolidated view of its risk.

Rsam GRC Platform v 8.2

Rsam GRC v8.2 is a platform for risk management and security risk intelligence enabling organizations to perform risk assessments, manage compliance, threats and vulnerabilities, policies, ...

Skybox View Enterprise Suite v7.0

Skybox Risk Control is part of Skybox View, a complete portfolio of proactive security risk management solutions that automatically find, prioritize risks and drive remediation ...

TrustedAgent GRC V5.0.4

TrustedAgent GRC v5.0.4 is an IT risk and governance tool modeled after the NIST 800-37 risk management framework – with two added steps that include ...

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager

Network Configuration Manager from SolarWinds is a powerful tool for managing policy compliance across many network devices including routers, switches and firewalls.

Titania Nipper Studio

Nipper Studio from Titania is a newcomer this year to our policy management review.

Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire DataMart

Tripwire Enterprise is a full-scale configuration management product that allows administrators to create master “known and trusted” configuration states for many types of systems and ...

Tufin Orchestration Suite

The Tufin Orchestration Suite feature three modules for managing security and compliance policies on network devices, such as routers, switches and firewalls.

Viewfinity Application Control

Application Control from Viewfinity offers full-scale application policy that can be deployed right from a group policy within Active Directory.

Group Test 2

Incapsula Enterprise

By proxying all users to a site via a secure content delivery system most, if not all, of the risks are virtually eliminated by this ...


nCryptedCloud adds a layer of encryption between the user and the storage provider.

Zscaler Security Cloud

This service forces users through the cloud instead of via direct access to an organization’s internet portal.

Last Word

New tech can better protect

Chip technology can prevent criminals from producing counterfeit credit cards.


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