March 2007 18 3 Issue of SCMagazine

March 2007 18 3 Issue of SCMagazine


RSA Conference 2007: Showcasing the proof in the concept

The RSA Conference was different this year. Not only were there more companies exhibiting some innovative solutions, but attendees seemed everywhere.



Are digital rights management an effective method to protect intellectual property?

News briefs

Another buySymantec announced its intention to acquire enterprise management software provider Altiris in an $830 million deal. The purchase, intended to better Symantec's standing in ...

Company news

Here are the latest happenings in IT securitys boardrooms.

2 minutes on

2 minutes on...New flood of spam

The IT security pros who declared victory over spam surely are eating their words now that mass waves of unsolicited email have returned to inboxes.

Me and my job

Me and my job

SC Magazine asks Nikk Gilbert, IT security and telecom director, Alstom Transport, about his job.


Social networking sites a dangerous part of 'the college experience'

Social networking sites have become a great way to connect to friends at other colleges and post your ideas for the day or join groups ...

Why organizations need software training

Organizations must invest in training their IT staff on security to help avoid security flaws and decrease risks.

CSO's desk

Until all users are security-savvy, encryption is a sensible solution

Laptop computers get lost and stolen in almost every imaginable, and some not so imaginable, ways. Following many well-publicized losses of laptop computers and calculating ...


Product section: SC Lab takes a look at email content filtering, policy management products

The theme in the labs this month was policy, policy and more policy. Lab manager Mike Stephenson looked at email content filtering, which depends on ...

Keeping patch management under one roof

The breakdown of the 3,000 workstations at online advertising firm aQuantive — 80 percent PCs, 20 percent Macs, almost entirely laptops — is no longer ...

With mergers and acquisitions taking hold, get used to ownership changes

Not long after IBM acquired Internet Security Systems (ISS) for $1.3 billion in one of the landmark deals of 2006, McAfee did its best David ...

Digital certificates and PKI have made a comeback

Most security veterans can remember a time not too long ago when the mere mention of digital certificates and public key infrastructure (PKI) could prompt ...

SC Magazine CSO of the Year: Dennis Brixius, VP and CSO, The McGraw-Hill Companies

SC Magazines CSO of the Year, who was honored February 7th at this years SC Magazine Awards Gala, has a professorial streak. Its a characteristic ...

Product Reviews

Palisade PacketSure

This product has quite a few useful features. It uses content analysis to find possible areas of data leakage or problem emails.

BigFIx, Inc. Enterprise Suite, Version 6.0

The BigFix Enterprise Suite (BES) is a product that can really do it all in the world of policy management. The product supports a vast ...

FullArmor GPAnywhere, Version 2.5

Sometimes a complex problem can have a simple solution. This is much the case with the FullArmor GPAnywhere product. The product essentially works by installing ...

Symantec Mail Security

The Symantec Mail Security appliance offers features, such as filter policies, that can be set up for compliance, spam and viruses. It also includes several ...

NetIQ Corporation Secure Configuration Manager

NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager (SCM) was formerly an offering from PentaSafe, and this product was one of the first products in the policy management space. ...

Netcordia NetMRI

The Netcordia NetMRI product is an appliance; the hardware is actually quite small so the system has a little footprint. The product uses SNMP, SSH ...

Gordano Ltd. GMS Protected WebMail

The GMS Protected WebMail Package includes many great features. It can be a complete web-based email platform with many bells and whistles included.

Secure Computing IronMail

The IronMail appliance can protect against many outside email threats, including viruses, spam and phishing. It has a high sense of outbound security as well, ...

Sendmail Mailstream Manager

This product is not for the faint-hearted. It is, according to the developer, intended for very large enterprises with complex email requirements.

Global Management System

The SonicWALL Global Management System (SGMS) is a Java-based application that is used for managing large numbers of installed SonicWALL firewalls, SSL VPN devices, and ...

McAfee Hercules Policy Auditor

The Hercules Policy Auditor and Remediation Manager were formerly known as Citadel Hercules. These products have one very unique feature in that they can process ...

InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper with DNAC

CyberGatekeeper with DNAC (dynamic network access control) was one of the more challenging products to work with in our review process. The application is feature ...

SonicWALL Email Security

The SonicWALL Email Security appliance features protection against threats, such as spam, phishing, virus and zero-day attacks. Also included are various filter types, like attachment ...

IBM-ISS Proventia Network Mail Security

Email content filter features on the Proventia Network Mail Security System appliance include many customizable easy to set up rules that can be based on ...

Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway

The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway has many great features. By sitting at the gateway between the firewall and mail server, it is able to monitor ...

SolSoft Policy Server

SolSoft Policy Server is a program that I wish I had when I was performing daily firewall, router and VPN installs. It figures that now ...

Lumigent Audit DB

For years, vulnerability assessment and penetration tests have been less than effective at testing the security internal to a database. The Lumigent Audit DB product ...

Marshal MailMarshal

MailMarshal features not only email content filtering ability, but also can be integrated with some third-party anti-virus and anti-spyware software, such as McAfee and CounterSpy.

First Look: RazorThreat Threat Analysis Console v 1.5

As readers of this column know, I’m always on the prowl for the new, unusual and, above all, useful. A start-up company in Michigan has ...

Last Word

Enlist a phased, proactive roadmap

Security practitioners are constantly faced with making choices. These choices swing from enforcing a complete lockdown to placing full trust in the users.


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