March 2008 19 3 Issue of SCMagazine

March 2008 19 3 Issue of SCMagazine

SC Magazine - March 2008


Motivating an industry to get safe

With California's data breach notification law now being extended to cover health care organizations, businesses in this space must pay closer attention to how the ...

2 minutes on

2 minutes on....Data breach law expands

California's extension of its data breach notification law to cover health care records promises to have significant impact on how medical organizations deal with patient ...

Me and my job

Me and my job: Mike Cassidy

What are the occupational likes and gripes of security pro Mike Cassidy?


Structure and infrastructure

Interdisciplinary study has always been a focus in information assurance (IA) curriculum. Combining computer science with criminal justice, psychology, programming, policy and security is the ...

A new digital paradigm

In today's digital age, what does safeguarding your assets really mean, and who is responsible and how is it achieved?

CSO's desk

From the CSO's desk: Hidden SaaS implementation

Improper implementation of SaaS can result in a technology solution that on the surface performs the required tasks of the business users, but with far ...


Keeping a secret

Northrop Grumman's Keith Ward says a new email security standard could reach beyond government users. Dan Kaplan investigates.

Come together

The integration of multiple security functions into a single device lowers operating costs of securing data resources, reports Jim Carr.

Health care update

Health care organizations must shake off their HIPAA-induced paralysis and get technical.

One step ahead of HIPAA

Using a solution from Aveksa, CIGNA automates a role-based access workflow for 27,500 employees.

Product section: That fuzzy enterprise border still needs protection

We are approaching a world where the demarcation between our enterprises and the public internet is becoming fuzzier and fuzzier.

Product Reviews

Astaro Security Gateway 320 v7.1

A fully loaded gateway security device at a not so fully loaded price.

Cyberoam CR1000i v9.5

Solid UTM with some extra features to create user-based policy.

DeepNines i Trust Security Platform

A unique product at a good price, but a somewhat smaller feature set than we're used to seeing.

eSoft InstaGate 604

This continues to be a solid product and we rate it our Best Buy.

Fortinet's FortiGate-200A

A competent UTM that needs another product to realize its potential fully.

IBM's Proventia Network MX1004

A winner for small- and mid-sized enterprises in a very small footprint.

Panda's GateDefender Integra 300

A useful UTM with a potentially hefty price tag.

SonicWALL's E-Class NSA E6500

A solid product for the larger enterprise.

Vasco's aXs Guard

A solid product with some unusual features -- a bit tough on the administrator.

ZyXel's ZyWALL USG300

A solid UTM priced right for the smaller organization.

Aladdin's eSafe

A solid anti-malware gateway with good value.

BorderWare's Email Security Gateway v7.1

A powerful, cost-effective anti-malware tool. Recommended.

CP Secure's Content Secure Gateway

A bit difficult to configure, this product is good for organizations that want a tightly integrated anti-malware gateway that can connect directly to Websense and ...

McAfee's Secure Internet Gateway

A powerful tool in spite of its awkward setup procedures.

Panda's GateDefender Performa 8100

This gateway has some good features but its price is a bit high.

Sophos' Web Appliance WS1000

Big capability at a big price.

Trend Micro's InterScan Web Security

Another solid anti-malware product from a market leader. Best Buy.

Last Word

The greatest vulnerability to come

Guard the greatest vulnerability point - gaps in data security - to avoid threats, says Raphael Leiteritz.


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