March 2009 20 3 Issue of SCMagazine

March 2009 20 3 Issue of SCMagazine


Can you be PCI compliant & secure?

Meant to secure all cardholder data that companies touch, PCI DSS has been perceived as both a blessing and a curse.

Threat of the month

CSO's desk

Leading through the good and bad

As the drumbeat of negative economic updates seems to overwhelm our daily news cycles, we tend to forget that at the heart of any business ...


Cloud security: Is it raining in the cloud?

The cloud transition is under way, albeit slowly, and it may be a major part of new business arenas, reports Chuck Miller.

Security during layoffs: Inside out

Pioneer Electronics' Max Reissmueller advises reviewing access controls before a dangerous insider strikes...Dan Kaplan reports.

Governance, risk management and compliance: Putting it together

Turning processes into strategic assets is one definition of GRC, but explanations get muddled from there, reports Angela Moscaritolo.

RSA Conference: Preview to the future

Cloud computing and the nation's infrastructure are two of the big themes at RSA Conference 2009.

Product Reviews

Astaro Mail Gateway 3000

Astaro’s Mail Gateway 3000 is an appliance-based email security solution that protects inbound and outbound messaging in a variety of configurations.

Cisco Spam and Virus Blocker

Cisco’s Spam and Virus Blocker is a single hardware appliance that is marketed to small businesses and can support up to 250 users.

Clearswift MIMEsweeper Email 2.7

Clearswift’s MIMEsweeper Email Appliance is a rack-mountable hardware device that secures inbound and outbound messages.

Fortinet FortiMail-400B

Fortinet’s FortiMail-400B is a hardware appliance that secures inbound and outbound email messages and is marketed more toward the medium-sized business market.

GFI MailSecurity 10

GFI MailSecurity 10 is a software-based email security application that secures inbound and outbound SMTP messages or email servers.

O2 Security SifoML S200

O2 Security’s SifoML S200 is a hardware-based appliance for managing and securing email content. The device is available in various hard disk size configurations and ...

Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway

Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway 5.5 is a unified email security appliance that delivers a host of features to protect inbound and outbound messaging.

Sendio Email Security Platform 360

The Sendio Email Security Platform 360 is an appliance-based solution that verifies email integrity through sender and domain validation, along with having anti-virus scanning capabilities.

Sophos ES1000

The Sophos ES1000 is an appliance-based solution that secures inbound and outbound messages through content filtering, sender validation/reputation checking, anti-malware scanning, encryption and other features.

Symantec BrightMail Gateway 7.7

Symantec’s BrightMail Gateway (formerly Symantec Mail Security 8300) is an appliance-based solution that protects inbound and outbound email messages, as well as other protocols, such ...

Tumbleweed MailGate 3.6.1

The MailGate 3.6.1 solution from Tumbleweed (now a part of Axway) is a hardware appliance that performs as a message transfer agent to secure inbound ...

Aladdin eSafe

The Aladdin eSafe is an all-in-one web security gateway.

Astaro Web Gateway 3000

The Astaro Web Gateway 3000 combines URL filtering, detection of malware, and control over IM and peer-to-peer applications, including Skype and BitTorrent.

Barracuda Web Filter 310

The Barracuda Web Filter 310 is an integrated content filtering, application blocking and malware protection gateway.

Cymphonix Network Composer

The Network Composer provides web filtering and bandwidth shaping for HTTP and encrypted SSL traffic based on URL pattern, domain or content category using database ...

GFI WebMonitor for ISA Server

GFI WebMonitor for ISA Server is a comprehensive monitoring tool that plugs in and complements the functionality provided by Microsoft ISA Server to enable companies ...

Marshal8e6 8e6 Professional Edition

Web filtering, malware protection and forensic capability. Wait, forensic capability?

Netsweeper Enterprise Filter

The Netsweeper Enterprise Filter is, in its simplest form, a URL filter.

Optenet WebSecure CCOTTA

The Optenet WebSecure CCOTTA Appliance integrates web URL filtering, application protocol block, and Kaspersky Anti-Virus all into one appliance.

Phantom Technologies iBoss Web Filter

The iBoss Web Filter from Phantom Technologies is a full function web content management appliance with a lot of configurable features.

SmoothWall Network Guardian

Network Guardian is a self-contained software appliance that incorporates SmoothWall’s exclusively dynamic and intelligent approach to web content filtering alongside anti-spyware, anti-virus and browser exploit ...

Sophos WS1000

The Sophos WS1000 looks at web content management in three segments: The first is through a URL/reputation filter, which includes a database of 54 categories ...

St. Bernard Software iPrism 100h

The iPrism 100h is an inline web content management appliance using a combination of a URL database, user defined policies, and active anti-virus/malware scanning to ...

First Look

Mac forensics on Macs? You bet! And it’s easy.

The idea of performing forensics on Macs may seem strange, but the Mac Marshal brings a uniqueness that we don’t see often. It is unique ...


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