May 2013 Issue of SCMagazine

May 2013 Issue of SCMagazine


Of photographs and misogyny

Misogyny in business, overall, is a problem. In IT and IT security, it's a bigger one, says SC Magazine's Illena Armstrong.


News briefs: Malware cripples South Korea, largest DDos ever, and more

This month's news briefs cover recent headlining bits on the malware that struck South Korean companies, a new law requiring federal agencies to review IT ...

Company news: A new CTO at Easy Solutions and Tufin Technologies' new hire

This month's company news include a new CTO at Easy Solutions, ForeScout's new CFO, and the new vice president of marketing at Tufin Technologies.

Threat of the month

Threat of the month: files

For our May issue's "threat of the month," we focused on files, an old-style email executable attachment attack.

2 minutes on

2 minutes on: The rule of war

As nations engage with one another in shadowy conflicts taking place in the digital sphere, experts are questioning whether treaties and rules that were created ...

Skills in Demand

Specialized IT project managers are in demand

For moving core apps to the cloud or implementing new systems in companies' internal environments, IT project managers are in great demand.

Me and my job

Me and my job: Marty Edwards, ICS-CERT

Marty Edwards' job is to coordinate efforts between the government and the private sector.


Debate: Is advanced malware no longer a problem when administrator rights are removed?

In this month's debate, experts discuss if advanced malware is still a persistent challenge after administrator rights are removed.


Trained pros should lead discovery

Employees lack the training to collect and preserve email and electronic evidence.

CSO's desk

Money talks, but at what cost?

Are we creating a cyber professional salary bubble that will eventually burst, asks Holly Ridgeway, SVP and CISO enterprise systems at PNC.


The great divide: Reforming the CFAA

Aaron Swartz's death inspired Rep. Zoe Lofgren to want to reform the federal anti-hacking law, but some security pros worry this would sterilize a potent ...

Behind the scenes: Privacy and data-mining

With data-mining firms harvesting personal information from online activity, privacy advocates, if not yet consumers, are alarmed, reports James Hale.

Product opener

Digital forensic tools mature

Over the past year, there have been numerous creative features added to just about every digital forensic tool that we reviewed.

Group Test 1

AccessData Forensic Suite

There are three products in AccessData’s forensic suite that every digital forensic investigator needs: Mobile Phone Examiner (MPE) Plus, Forensic Toolkit (FTK) and AD Triage.

ADF Solutions Triage-G2

The Triage-G2 Pro is a competent product offering a solid user experience.

Cellebrite UFED Touch Ultimate

The Cellebrite UFED Touch Ultimate is a fully equipped mobile forensic tool that enables quick and easy data acquisition from more than 8,000 mobile devices.

Cyber Security Technologies Mac Marshal

Both Mac Marshal Forensic Edition and Field Edition provide user-friendly forensic tool kits.

Guidance Software EnCase Forensic v7.05.02

Encase Forensic v7.05.02 is a tool for computer investigation that both searches a computer system for information, as well as aids in the process of ...

HBGary Responder Professional

HBGary’s Responder Professional is a Windows memory acquisition and analysis tool that offers a variety of features useful to malware analysts and computer forensic investigators.

IntaForensics Lima Forensic Case Management Software

Lima Forensic Case Management Software from IntaForensics is a complete, end-to-end case management system that offers an easy way to organize every aspect of a ...

NIKSUN NetDetector/NetVCR Alpine 4.2.1

The NIKSUN NetDetector/NetVCR Alpine 4.2.1 is a network security monitoring tool with advanced forensic analytical capabilities.

Technology Pathways ProDiscover Incident Response 7.4

ProDiscover Incident Response (IR) from Technology Pathways is a computer security tool that allows users to preview, image, view, search, analyze and report.

CRU WiebeTech Forensic ComboDock v5

The Forensic ComboDock is a read/write blocker. It makes it impossible to unintentionally turn off write-blocking.

Last Word

Executive order can provide boost

The rule may help leaders better understand the impact of cyber risks, says PwC's David Burg and Laurie Schive.


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