November 2005 Issue of SCMagazine

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Code writers’ responsibility

Last month, David Litchfield, managing director of security software company NGS Software, wrote an open letter to Bugtraq criticizing the way Oracle had handled patching ...

Me and my job

Me and my job

I had worked first in physical security and then in law enforcement since I was 18 years-old. But I got tired of getting shot at, ...


Watch your threats

George Washington University needed to boost its vulnerability scanning in a mixed system environment. By Marcia Savage

Get ready to learn the truth

More access to code means people are bound to be finding more flaws, says Gunter Ollmann

How business learned to love open source

More and more proprietary security tools use some open-source code. What are the advantages for companies?

Our man in cyberspace

Against a backdrop of spooks, geeks and hackers, former NSA man Ira Winkler paints a dark picture of the modern hacker to Ron Condon

Today’s systems: Tomorrow’s business

Criminals see the internet as an easy target, but Marcus Sachs is the man to stop them, as Illena Armstrong and Marcia Savage report

Last Word

Business must tackle DDoS problem

Joined up thinking and combination defenses are key, says Mick Scully


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