November 2010 Issue of SCMagazine

November 2010 Issue of SCMagazine

November 2010


Fending off cyberwar attacks

Chicken Little could relate to the likely thoughts of all those cybersecurity players who have warned time-and-again that it isn't a matter of 'if' cyberwar ...


Debate: DLP for data in motion is more effective than DLP that secures data at rest.

DLP for data in motion is more effective than DLP that secures data at rest.

Adobe font vulnerability

A vulnerability in Adobe Reader/Acrobat is being actively exploited as a zero-day that allows the the execution of arbitrary code when the user opens a ...

The risks of internet wiretapping

A fresh proposal to create internet-specific wiretapping regulations is reigniting the debate over how far the government should go.

Me and my job: Michael Mongold, security executive at a fast-food company

Michael Mongold, security executive, fast-food company

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand

There are no shortages of companies looking for penetration tester candidates on a contract or permanent basis.


Wearing your PJs to work

While teleworking improves overall productivity and morale, from a security pro's perspective, the worry of trading security and visibility for productivity is a nightmare.

Thwarting new age intruders

New generations of hackers are well-funded, may be legally protected, and either are funded or otherwise sanctioned by sovereign governments.

CSO's desk

Reducing compliance workloads

Security is not compliance, and compliance is not security.


Off the shelves: Riverside County Library System and SonicWALL

A major library system in California wanted to increase internet speed and performance to its users while still protecting them.

Law enforcement of cybercrime: Bringing justice

Gary Warner of the University of Alabama at Birmingham wants to pursue small-time cybercriminals through a new partnership teaming university researchers and local and state ...

Cyberespionage: Raids from afar

The Google-China attacks, revealed in January, kicked off a year in which the threat of cybespionage to steal corporate and government secrets firmly entrenched itself ...

Cyber threat: Gathering intelligence

Experts explain how organizations can best implement a cyberthreat intelligence initiative to collect, analyze and share data to detect and respond to an existing compromise ...

Product opener

Virtual private networks: Have it your way

While there are two major types of VPN products - SSL and IPsec - they are not interchangeable and they really don't compete with each ...

Group Test 1

Barracuda Networks SSL VPN 480

The Barracuda SSL VPN 480 offers full-featured, easy-to-use remote access to desktops and resources.

Celestix Networks WSA

This product features the ability to create and publish applications to a web-based portal so users can access them remotely.

Cyberoam CR-SSL-800

The Cyberoam CR-SSL-800 from Elitecore Technologies Ltd. provides an SSL VPN with a twist.

O2Security Succendo

The Succendo SSL VPN from O2Security allows users to remotely access resources on the internal network from almost anything with a web browser.

StoneGate SSL VPN 1060

The StoneGate SSL VPN from Stonesoft offers a full, web-based clientless SSL VPN for users to gain remote access securely to company network resources.

WatchGuard SSL 560

The WatchGuard SSL offers an abundant amount of functionality and flexibility.

Group Test 2

Astaro Security Gateway v8

Astaro Security Gateway v8 provides a full unified threat management perimeter solution on the platform of one's choice.

CipherOptics series

The CipherOptics CEP series of network encryption devices combine with CipherEngine Policy and Key Manager to encrypt traffic across a range of network types, sizes ...

NCP Secure Enterprise Client & Management

NCP Secure Enterprise Client & Management is a one-click VPN software client suite that combines seven separate endpoint security functions into a single product.

NETGEAR ProSafe SRX5308 v3.0.7-5

The ProSafe SRX5308 connects a local area network (LAN) to the internet through up to four external broadband/WAN ports, allowing users to increase their effective ...

First Look

Get a glimpse into your VPN tunnels

A new product from Netronome called SSL Inspector claims to be the first product of its type that does both in-band and out-of-band analysis.

Last Word

Invest in the right people and tools

Solely relying on your vendors is a mistake, says Sourcefire's Matthew Olney.


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