October 2007 18 10 Issue of SCMagazine

October 2007 18 10 Issue of SCMagazine

SC Magazine - October 2007


The real convergence

The Infosecurity event in NY this year again was coupled with a large physical security show. But the question is: Why?


Company news

The latest happenings in IT security's boardrooms.


Is monitoring internet usage a company's responsibility?

News briefs

The latest IT security news.

Threat of the Month: Malware

Server-side polymorphic malware is unique permutations of similar malicious code launched via multiple infection sources in quick succession. It has become the most popular email-borne ...

2 minutes on

2 minutes on...Do authorities get cybercrime?

It seems as if we see a new form of online criminal activity just about every day. If it isn’t a bank’s website being taken ...

Me and my job

Me and my job

Brian Bernard tells SC Magazine about his job.


The other integrity is at risk, as well

Back on July 30, the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled, “Ten Things Your IT Department Won’t Tell You.” From getting around web filters ...

Where are all the CISOs?

(CISO). Some companies are further empowering this somewhat new role with expansive powers and responsibilities that range from incident response to IT compliance to customer ...

CSO's desk

Back to basics for securing the human factor

We are becoming quite adept at dealing with technology threats and vulnerabilities. We spend a lot of time, effort and money on software, hardware and ...


Product section: Meeting the challenge of managing access

Access control is the order of the day for this issue. All of our reviews focus on aspects of access control and management. This, of ...

The polls are open - cast your ballot for the 2008 SC Magazine Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2008 SC Magazine Awards, so cast your ballot in any of 20 Reader Trust categories.

How the WWE stomps out the forgers

The $400 million World Wrestling Entertainment empire is out to body slam internet swindlers, reports Dan Kaplan.

Progress against piracy

While pirated software is common in many countries, steps are being taken to halt the practice, reports Frank Washkuch Jr.

How to get more intelligent about smartphones

Organizations must catch on to the growing risks of smartphones, PDAs and other mobile devices before it is too late, reports Dan Kaplan.

In the driver's seat: the integration of enterprise security and networking operations

Preston Wood is one CISO on top of the integration of enterprise security and networking operations, says Jim Carr.

Product Reviews

Passlogix v-GO CM rel 6.0

Multiple authentication credential management.

Bradford Networks NAC Director v3.1.7

Out-of-band NAC uses existing network architecture.

IDMatrixx IDServer v2.0

A feature rich performer, but you'll need to spend some time getting up to speed on it and the support is a bit light. Very ...

IdentiPHI SAFsolution Enterprise v1.3

For simple workstation authentication using most available fingerprint scanners this is an interesting, though limited product.

identiMetrics identiFi v1.4.6.8A

An interesting product that adds strong authentication to places where strong authentication is not normally offered. Can replace more costly, less secure methods.

FingerPIN Matchlogon with FIngerPIN

Easy to install, but enrolling users can be a challenge.

DigitalPersona Pro Workstation/Pro Server

For its ease of use and powerful feature set, we make this our Recommended product.

Bioscrypt V-Station

For physical access control this is a very strong product.

Bioscrypt VisionAccess 3D Face Reader

This interesting product features access control based on facial recognition rather than fingerprints. The camera itself is capable of providing not only the 3-D image ...

Bioscrypt VeriSoft v2.0

This is an excellent product., well priced and full of features. We award this our Best Buy.

M2SYS Bio-Plugin 6.0

If you are adding biometric capability to custom applications, this is for you. It will simplify your task significantly.


A perfect SSL VPN product for small- and medium-sized businesses.

SonicWALL SSL-VPN 4000

A good product, which is above average on the whole.

Billion Electronic Co. BiGuard S10

Easy to use, well put together, free support and superior documentation make this offering our Best Buy.

Stonesoft StoneGate SSL-6000

A product with some interesting features, but missing a few where it counts the most.

Array Networks SPX2000 Universal Access Controller

Documentation and ease of use are average, but the rest of the product is superior. This appliance is our Recommended product.

F5 Networks Firepass

A good product that scales well for many environments.

AEP Networks Netilla Security Platform

For an organization familiar with AEP products and willing to learn the interface, the product is a good buy.

Last Word

Is today's network easier to secure?

The fundamental values of security should be baked into vendor solutions, says Anton Grashion.


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