October 2008 Issue of SCMagazine

October 2008 Issue of SCMagazine



We need more than just a new law

Recent bipartisan legislation introduced in the Senate aiming to protect the intellectual property of U.S. corporations is a noble thought. But will it work?

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Beyond the hanging chad

With the amount of online campaign donations setting records and more Americans turning to candidate websites for news, the internet has turned into a money-making ...


All hands effort is needed

Migration of IT systems to the DHS's National Center for Critical Information Processing and Storage is reportedly moving slowly, says Bill Unrue, president, Anonymizer.

Bad out-running good

Judging by the number of public breaches that we keep hearing about, it looks like the bad guys are far outrunning the good guys, says ...

CSO's desk

Managing risk in hard times

Dealing with a security issue itself is clearly the priority - stopping the damage and doing triage. Once things are under control, a more detailed ...


The new perimeter

Sidney Gellineau, CIO, NYC Transit, embraces the original vision of NAC - to vet unmanaged guest devices, reports Dan Kaplan.

Safe through encryption

Encryption is as good as it is going to get, but problems arise when it's poorly implemented, reports Chuck Miller.

Into the breach

The inaugural SC World Congress takes place December 9-10 in New York City's Javits Convention Center.

Portrait of a hacker

The underground network of hackers and cyber profiteers are under more pressure from law enforcement, reports Deb Radcliff.

Defending the database

Many experts say SQL injection, compliance and insider threats are the top database security topics, reports Frank Washkuch.

Product opener

Document protection from two perspectives

This month the focus is on protecting documents. We approached the problem from two directions: hiding the contents of the document and managing what a ...

Product Reviews

Applied Security fideAS

Applied Security fideAS is a client server-based architecture that provides software-based encryption for files, folders and peripheral devices on host machines.

Ceelox Vault 2.1

Ceelox Vault 2.1 is a client software product that uses software-based encryption to create encrypted "vault" folders on the hard drive.

GuardianEdge Hard Disk Encryption 9.1

GuardianEdge Hard Disk Encryption 9.1 is an Active Directory (AD) integrated full disk encryption solution.

PGP Whole Disk Encryption 9.9

PGP Whole Disk Encryp­tion is a client software application that provides whole disk encryption as part of PGP's suite of encryption prod­ucts.

SafeNet ProtectDrive 8.4

SafeNet ProtectDrive 8.4 is a software-based encryp­tion solution that uses a client-server-based architecture for full disk encryption.

SafeNet DataSecure File System

SafeNet DataSecure File System Connector is an appliance-based solution that helps to secure sensitive information located on file servers, databases and applications.

Secude FinallySecure Enterprise 9.2

Secude FinallySecure 9.2 is both a hardware and soft­ware-based solution for full disk encryption

Secuware Security Framework 4.0

Secuware Security Frame­work 4.0 is a directory ser­vice integrated product that contains a server and client soft­ware app used to manage whole disk or file/folder ...

Utimaco SafeGuard Enterprise 5.3

Utimaco's SafeGuard Enterprise 5.3 is actually five components that roll into one product suite.

WinMagic SecureDoc Enterprise 4.5

WinMagic SecureDoc Enteprise Edition 4.5 is a client server architec­ture that provides software-based full disk encryption to host client machines

SecurStar DriveCrypt Plus Pack

SecurStar’s DriveCrypt Plus Pack Enterprise Edition 2.2 is a centrally managed server product used to disseminate whole disk encryption policies to client endpoint machines.

Avoco Secure secure2Trust

Avoco secure2trust provides many great features for document rights management across the enterprise

EMC Documentum IRM

EMC Documentum IRM (Information Rights Man­agement) brings complete document control and the ever-changing needs of users into one product.

LockLizard Safeguard PDF Security

LockLizard Safeguard PDF Security provides document rights management for PDF files.

Liquid Machines Document Control

Provides a vast range of document protection across several applica­tions, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio and Adobe Acro­bat.

LockLizard Lizard Protector Web

Designed for the ever-developing world of e-commerce.

Last Word

When is spam not really "spam?"

There are two key tests to apply when checking if an email is spam, says Martin Lee, MessageLabs.


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