October 2010 Issue of SCMagazine

October 2010 Issue of SCMagazine

Oct 2010


Calvin Broadus against cybercrime

Snoop Dogg reportedly told a group of reporters on a Symantec 18-wheeler, no less, that he's "not with" online crime.


Company news: Kaminsky takes new role at Recursion Ventures, plus changes at St. Bernard Software and Comodo

The latest news on mergers and personnel shifts within the IT security marketplace.

Threat of the month

Threat of the month

Advanced malware threats

2 minutes on

Two minutes on...

What does Intel's purchase of McAfee portend?

Skills in Demand

Skills in demand

Recruiterts are seeing more positions for ISSE requiring polygraph skills to service the intelligence community, says Michael Potters, CEO of The Glenmont Group.

Me and my job

Me and my job

My job is to accelerate Sallie Mae's growth with innovative and agile security solutions, says Jerry Archer, SVP and CSO at Sallie Mae.


Encryption is better equipped than tokenization to secure data in the cloud.

Encryption is better equipped than tokenization to secure data in the cloud.


The darkest cloud in the sky

It is clear that the long-term success of cloud computing hinges on security, says Jeff Hajek, SVP of operations at Stonesoft.

Create smarter passwords

Proper and effective password management involves more than diligently creating separate passwords for the network, ATM, website and telephone-based system access.

CSO's desk

Don't forget the business process

To get a complete picture of where critical information resides, it is very important to inventory at the business process level, says the Washington Post ...


Talent scout: Government recruitment of IT security professionals

The U.S. government is working to attract quality IT professionals, says NICE's Ernest McDuffie. Dan Kaplan reports.

Good & evil: Deep packet inspection

Deep packet inspection (DPI) can be relied on for security and forensics, but also can be used for snooping into online lives, reports Deb Radcliff.

Financial vertical: An economic dissection

As more regulators scrutinize the business practices of financial services companies, IT security pros must advance their data processes and safeguards, reports Illena Armstrong.

Smart target: Mobile malware

Smartphones may soon become a preferred platform for cybercrime, reports Angela Moscaritolo.

SC World Congress: Ready to roll

SC World Congress, to be held next month in New York, will bring together leading security practitioners and vendors.

TECH Rx: Technology and health care

The move to electronic medical records presents challenges, but tech solutions offer help for health care practitioners, reports Greg Masters.

Product opener

The first and last bastion of information security

If you want to protect your sensitive information, encrypt it, says SC Magazine's Technology Editor Peter Stephenson.

Group Test 1

Credant Technologies Credant Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition

Mobile Guardian Enterprise Edition from Credant Technologies offers a complete suite of data protection above and beyond just whole disk encryption.

Data Encryption Systems DESlock+ Business Desktop

DESlock+ Business Desktop from Data Encryption Systems provides full-scale data encryption services.

SafeNet ProtectDrive

SafeNet ProtectDrive offers a full, integrated set of encryption features to protect data across the enterprise.

SafeGuard Enterprise

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise offers a lot of data protection beyond standard whole disk encryption.

Symantec PGP Whole Disk Encryption

Symantec PGP Whole Disk Encryption features all the great functions of PGP Whole Disk Encryption - just now with a new name.

WinMagic SecureDoc Full Disk Encryption

SecureDoc Full Disk Encryption from WinMagic offers highly configurable full-scale encryption for the enterprise environment.

Trustwave Encryption

Trustwave Encryption offers full disk, USB, email attachment and file share encryption deployable throughout the enterprise via an on-premise server or a managed cloud deployment.

Group Test 2

Accellion Secure File Transfer v8

Accellion Secure File Transfer is a web-based solution packaged as a software appliance that helps to secure end-to-end file transfers.

Biscom Delivery Server v4

Biscom Delivery Server v4 is a web-based secure file transfer server that uses HTTPS and email capabilities to secure transactions.

Coviant Software Diplomat Transaction Manager Enterprise Edition v4

Diplomat Transaction Manager Enterprise Edition v4 is a client server application that provides security for file transfers.

Ipswitch MOVEit DMZ

MOVEit DMZ from Ipswitch is a managed file transfer server that helps secure data in motion by encrypting various transfer protocols using industry standards.

Prime Factors Psypher Security Suite v4.6

Psypher Security Suite from Prime Factors is a software-based product used to encrypt transactions between two endpoints.

First Look

Here comes unified communications

Vantage is a must-have if you are planning your own corporate deployment.

Last Word

PCI DSS for small merchants

All merchants need to comply with all PCI DSS requirements, regardless of compliance validation mechanisms, says Mathieu Gorge, CEO and founder of VigiTrust.


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