September 2009 Issue of SCMagazine

September 2009 Issue of SCMagazine


Working the bad guys

In this month's cover story, we hear from one of our SC World Congress keynote speakers, Heartland Payment System's CEO Robert Carr

Threat of the month

Threat of the Month -- Conficker

Conficker, which is both a worm and a bot, is one of the more sophisticated pieces of malicious software (malware) we have seen to date.


Creating an ERM framework

Increased efficiency is a driving factor for organizations adopting role-based access control.

Windows 7 fights exploits

Windows 7 looks to be an all-around win for security.

CSO's desk

Evolving a cybersecurity society 3.0

Cybersecurity is one of the greatest societal challenges of the 21st century. It transcends technology and affects our privacy, financial systems, health care, economy and ...


Behind the scenes: San Diego Opera and ScanSafe

A top-ranked opera company took the drama out of its internet operations with malware protection, reports Greg Masters.

Change of heart: Bob Carr on data breaches

CEO Bob Carr plans to use the breach at
Heartland to push advancement within 
the payment industry, Dan Kaplan reports.

Border crossing: Fighting international cybercrime

With international collaboration, prosecutions of cybercrimes are becoming more common, reports Angela Moscaritolo.

SC World Congress: Summit in the city

The second annual SC World Congress, to be held Oct. 13-14 in New York, brings together leading voices in the information security field.

Is DRM Dead or alive?

With DRM for digital music in its death throes, how will it fare in other industries relying on digital copyright protections? Deb Radcliff reports.

Product Reviews

AlertLogic Threat Manager v3.5.4

The Threat Manager v3.5.4 with ActiveWatch Monitoring Service from Alert Logic combines intrusion protection and vulnerability management in one device that offers proac­tive and reactive ...

AT&T Network-Based Firewall v3

The Network-Based Fire­wall service provided by AT&T protects a custom­er’s WAN by providing secure inbound and outbound internet access through security gate­ways. This service also ...

Clone Systems Clone Guard Managed IDS/IPS

The Clone Systems Clone Guard Managed Security Suite provides protection from malicious threats against VoIP, web or customized applications. This service detects, logs, prevents and ...

F-Secure Protection Service for Business v4

The F-Secure Protection Service for Business is a completely integrated security platform which consists of two parts. The first part is comprised of client applications ...

IBM Managed Protection Service

The IBM Managed Protection Service combines a full security monitoring staff with security monitoring devices to manage, monitor and respond to security threats on a ...

Network Box v3.2

The Network Box managed service features a UTM appliance that includes three firewalls, three IDS/IPS systems, VPNs, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-spam and content filtering.

Perimeter eSecurity Firewall and Intrusion Prevention

The Firewall and Intrusion Detection and Prevention service from Perimeter eSecurity provides 24/7 real-time protection and comprehensive reporting.

SecureWorks Managed IDS/IPS

The core of the SecureWorks managed services is the Sherlock Security Platform. With this platform, SecureWorks can bring together and aggregate all logs and events ...

Symantec Managed IDS/IPS with Sourcefire

The Managed IPS/IDS from Symantec is a fully managed system with Sourcefire IPS as its backbone. Alongside of the IPS, Symantec can also manage many ...

Cyveillance Anti-Phishing

Cyveillance provides services that cover the entire spectrum of online risks - from fraud and identity theft, phishing and unli­censed product sales to corpo­rate espionage.

MX Logic Complete Security

MX Logic’s Complete Security is a package that includes email defense, web defense and archiving services. The package of services can also be provided separately.

Nowell Shalom Security Platform v3.0

Nowell Shalom Security Platform is a cloud-based security as a service (SaaS) offering that is intended to protect against malicious insiders and impos­tors stealing information ...

SecureWorks IDS/IPS

SecureWorks provides real-time, 24/7 monitor­ing and analysis of host logs, leveraging its proprietary Sherlock Security Management Platform.

StillSecure ProtectPoint MSS

StillSecure’s ProtectPoint managed security service provides a combination of firewall; intrusion detection/pre­vention; gateway virus, spam and content filtering; VPN and vulner­ability scanning.

ThreatMetrix Fraud Control v2.1

In any online transaction, businesses must confront a significant and growing challenge: How to verify a customer’s identity in real time without diminishing the customer’s ...

Trustwave Managed security services

Trustwave provides end-to-end managed security services to protect against common malware, spam, phish­ing, zero-day threats, botnets and even fraud and insider abuse.

XyberSecure XyberShield v1.0

XyberSecure’s XyberShield is a global security as a service (SaaS) offering designed to protect users from website-level security threats.

First Look

Yes, Virginia, you can have a secure virtual environment

The emerging popularity of virtual computing has very few blemishes considering its youth. One of those, unfortunately, is security both of the underlying operating environment ...

Last Word

Steer employees to safe practices

A highly motivated workforce creates a protection system, says Justin Somaini.


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