September 2010 Issue of SCMagazine

September 2010 Issue of SCMagazine

Sept. 2010


Will a federal data breach bill help?

Yet another data breach notification law at the federal level has been introduced into the U.S. Congress.

Threat of the month

2 minutes on

The mobile app risk

This growing mobile application landscape has many questioning the privacy and security risks.

Skills in Demand

Me and my job


Mobile device data security

Companies handling sensitive information should always spend time to think through policies surrounding the use of mobile devices.

Security in remote offices

To improve security in remote offices, technology alone will not suffice. Staff attitudes, motivations and cultural norms must be better understood.

CSO's desk

A cyber bridge for the mountain stream

There is a lack of sufficient filtration and protections of internet traffic as implemented by the ISPs.


Cloud security: Parting clouds

Cloud computing can make an organization more secure, says Randi Levin, CTO, city of Los Angeles. Dan Kaplan reports.

Investigating cybercrime

The real-life tales of how authorities hunted down some of the nation's most dangerous digital crooks, as reported by Deb Radcliff.

Internet Protocol: Generation 6

Experts say the time to start planning for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is now, reports Angela Moscaritolo.

SC World Congress: Problems solved

The third annual SC World Congress, to be held Nov. 10-11 in New York, brings together top security leaders, practitioners and vendors.

Up against the wall: Raymond James Financial and FireMon

A financial services company found help to monitor its configurations against internal and regulatory requirements, reports Greg Masters.

Product opener

Access management: Open the door and let me in ...

It is access management time again. This month, we look at two groups that fit in that broad category: network access control (NAC) and identity ...

Group Test 1

Avenda Systems Avenda eTIPS 5000 Series v3.0

An all-in-one appliance platform that centrally manages identity-based and endpoint device authentication using network access control (NAC)/network access points (NAPs) for wired, wireless and VPN ...

Bradford Networks Network Sentry v4.1.1

Bradford Network Sentry v4.1.1traditionally is sold as an integrated, appliance-based solution.

Enterasys NAC v3.3

Enterasys NAC v3.3 provides standards-based, inline or out-of-band pre-authorization and post-authorization control for wired, wireless LAN and VPN.

ForeScout Technologies ForeScout CounterACT v6.3.3

ForeScout CounterACT v6.3.3 is an out-of-band appliance solution that provides authentication-based protection for endpoint and VPN devices.

McAfee NAC Solution v3.2

McAfee NAC Solution v3.2 provides network access security by detecting and assessing managed systems on your network and enforcing access to network resources based on ...

Sophos NAC Advanced v3.2.2

The Sophos NAC Advanced Compliance Manager v3.2.2 is a software-based offering providing central management for policy, assessment, reporting/auditing/alerting, mitigation and enforcement, by user group, through ...

Trustwave NAC v3.6.0

Trustwave NAC v3.6.0 is an appliance-based solution that works in a distributed yet centrally managed architecture and includes both sensors and management servers.

Group Test 2

Centrify Suite 2010

The Centrify Suite allows administrators to control users access to Linux and UNIX machines using their already existing Active Directory accounts.

Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition

Ensim Unify Enterprise is a combination of tools that provide user access management and account provisioning across a wide range of products.

Fischer International Fischer Identity

Fischer Identity from Fischer International provides full-service user account management and account provisioning all in one application.

Hitachi ID Systems Hitachi ID Identity Manager

The Hitachi ID Identity Manager is part of the Hitachi ID Management Suite, which also includes utilities for password and privileged password management.

Imprivata OneSign

The Imprivata OneSign appliance provides identity management and single sign-on capabilities in one appliance

Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager

The Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager integrates with the company’s SharePoint to give administrators the ability to manage user identities and create identity workflows all in ...

Novell Identity and Access Management

Novell Identity and Access Management is comprised of three modules: the Identity Manager, which includes user-provisioning tools; the Access Manager, which provides access rights to ...

Passlogix v-GO Access Accelerator Suite

The Passlogix v-GO Access Accelerator Suite offers up a lot of functionality packaged into several small applications.

Quest Software Quest One Identity Solution

Quest One Identity Solution offers full-scale, full-service account provisioning and management.

First Look

Risk management from another perspective

QRadar Risk Manager from Q1 Labs

Last Word

Spend more now, pay less later

It is difficult to measure exactly what the ROI is for security, particularly when you haven't suffered any type of breach, says McAfee's Alex Thurber.



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