IT Security Reboot 2007

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The end of yet another year sees in this final 2007 edition of SC Magazine our annual roundup of top thinkers, interesting happenings, business developments and criminal acts. With a little help from our Editorial Advisory Board members, we look to include in this issue a review of the past 12 months, highlighting who we think have been the most inspiring — yet perhaps somewhat overlooked —
IT security luminaries, the business changes that impacted the industry landscape the most, the vulnerabilities and attacks that hit the corporate world the hardest, and today's more notorious cybercriminals. Finally, we've asked some experts to gaze into their crystal balls to tell us how they see next year playing out in the IT security industry.

Click here for Roundup 2007: Top 5 Influential IT Security Thinkers

Click here for Roundup 2007: The Year's Top Fives

Click here for Roundup 2007: Gazing into the Crystal Ball

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