Malware, regulatory compliance top CSO worries

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Worms, viruses, and Trojan horses, together with the pressure of regulatory compliance are the top concerns for a group of CSOs surveyed in New York Tuesday.

More than 85 CSOs were polled on a variety of issues at the second CSO Interchange, a forum founded earlier this year by eBay CISO Howard Schmidt and Qualys CEO Philippe Courtot.

Fifty-eight percent ranked malware and regulatory compliance as their top security concerns. Sixty-one percent said their security budgets increased over the past year but 84 percent believe their infosec programs continue to be under-funded.

And while 69 percent of the CSOs said they're worried about online fraud, less than half felt their companies are doing everything they can to combat the problem. Sixty-nine percent said their jobs have become more difficult over the last year.


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