Marcos Colón

Marcos Colón

Online Editor

Online editor Marcos Colón is based in New York City, joined SC Magazine in Feb. 2012. He graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in journalism. Previously, he was the head of content of a national entertainment and events website.

Most Recent Articles by Marcos Colón

Feds to roll out face recognition database by summer

The Next Generation Identification database currently has more than 16 million face images, and is expected to house more than 52 million images by next year.

Man pleads guilty for involvement in $50M scam

A Georgia man has plead guilty to racketeering charges related to a credit card trafficking ruse that resulted in more than $50 million being lost globally.

Phishers use fake voting campaign to steal Facebook credentials

Experts have uncovered a phishing ruse that leverages a fake voting campaign to trick users into giving up their Facebook login credentials.

Former Microsoft employee accused of leaking software pleads guilty

A former Microsoft employee has pleaded guilty to charges related to sharing software code for looming company products.

24,000 computers worldwide infected by Middle Eastern malware

Experts have discovered a piece of malware that has infected 24,000 computers worldwide, and has been used by up to 487 criminal groups.

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